Tuesday, August 26, 2014

From The Inside : MERDEKA

As I am a LP's fans ... I do like most of their songs. Some might think that their songs not suitable for an 'old' man like me ... or even wondering why I would like their songs ... 'like' is under-statement, actually.

They released the latest album recently ... this old song, "From The Inside" ... appropriately stating what I think of ...MERDEKA DAY.

To feel that we are Malaysian, it must be from the inside. To love our country, we need to FEEL that we are Malaysians. Slowly, younger generation might no longer feel the way I am feeling ... for my country.

This is something many won't feel when they shout "1-Malaysia" slogan ... or sing "Negaraku" during school's assembly. I still remembered that I was one of those 'stupid' young Chinese who will stand straight and sing the song ... proudly. Patriotism ... hmm ... it is fading. I have to admit that.

Petronas has been doing a good job with their catchy advertisements during festive-seasons. This is Merdeka ... 2014.

To feel MERDEKA ... we need to feel it inside. Yes, it is from inside us. Not slogan-preaching. Not being forced to 'show' we love our country, we treasure our diversity ... our different cultures, appreciating our differences. We, normal Malaysians ... are blended. I do take roti-canai for breakfast, enjoying Nasi-lemak or satay ... I speak Malay too. Why are we slowly being divided?

Print Screen : Malaysia Map.

It is our politicians ... gov or oppositions. Same. Always using race or religion as their agenda, to split and divide(in order to gain votes) us. sigh. I really missed OLD feelings of being a Malaysian. We do not talk about the colour of our skins. We have mutual respect ... and mixed well. In fact, one of my best of friend was an Indian. And in Sabah, I speak Malay with my Kadazan friends!!

Maxis's Merdeka 2014 ... stating that we are family!! Only when we could feel it from the inside.

Digi's Merdeka ad ... we are family!!

Be a happy big family, can-or-not?

Happy merdeka ...


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Indranguru said...

Yes, I too love Linkin Park, despite my age(43). Agree completely with your comments. I do follow your blog quite often.