Wednesday, August 20, 2014

From hot to not?

This morning, The Star showing the signs? I posted to my group to be cautious and take profits in many penny counters such as Marco, Asiapac, Keladi ... yesterday was GPA and many of such penny-rally counters.

AsiaPac : I bought yesterday as it breakout of 32cents ... managed to sell half in the morning, then some panic-selling around making it lower than my cost now. Stuck with another half, clear if 32cents broken.

Ideal : Was ideally at 80cents yesterday ... now at 64cents. Who is selling? Ideally ... it should be ..

IJacobs : Suspended pending announcment . Then ... from 72cents now 57 cents ...

Marco : This one treated me well ... bought 20.5 due to breakout sold 24, bought back 23.5 before closing yesterday and today sell 24.5-25 done in the morning. It went to hit 26(a member told me he sold at 26). It closed 21. Due to panic-selling, I thought of buying back at 20cents? It was not done.

PDZ : The operator(s) decided to release some ... and take profits? Went above 40cents, closed below 30cents? Who is selling? Halim? Mara? Or ... someone else?


Sumatec : Dived 28% today, unfortunate for those chased in the morning. This is one hot-stock everyone is talking about when it breakout 52cents resistance. Hope none of my members punted as I do not trade her.

Zelan : Recently was in play too ... up from 26cents to 46cents ... now we are seeing 36cents. Very speculative? Avoid, then.

These are RISK of trading penny-speculative counters ... if we are late-comers, we have to sell for losses. Is the game over? Averaging down is a definite NO to me. Cut-loss?

Generally, if we are newbies and novices ... we should not be trading such stocks.


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