Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breakout Play

There are many-many counters breaking into new 52-week high or even historical high. We are in the bull run if you could not feel it yet?

VS : This is VS today. In the beginning of JULY, we discussed it at our tratles meeting, it was trading at 1.60 plus. A bull running market ... push it RM1.80 ... then RM1.90 ... then above RM2. It hit RM2.11 high recently, and I sold at RM2.10 yesterday. Well, good trade ... but it shot above RM2.11 today. It opened at RM2.13 ... which I just grabbed, came down and all my queues from RM2.10 to RM2.12 done too. I sold half at RM2.21 and RM2.22. Some members still holding at different levels, as I traded a few times now. Well, still have half to sell ... RM2.30 plus tmr?

Note : Can still hold if u r not trading. How high will it go?

PJDev : Breakout yesterday(again and again) ... I grabbed 1.94 closing price. Today it went above RM2, hit 2.06, closed 2.04. I am going to move into PJDev-wc once it breaks RM1.08(soon??).

Well, PJDev is in news(with OSKProp) ... and it is no secret. But, we need to take actions to profit from that piece of news?

Note : I am still holding ... many in my trading group still holding at around 1.80 levels.

Mitra : I sold Mitra yesterday(shooting star) and today(0.995 opening price) as I bought on Tuesday due to breakout. At times, breakout could fail ... so, we must take action to take profits(or cut-loss). Good profit for one-two days trade. Support seen at 93cents now, closed 96cents.

Willow : Written in the forbes for one of the best stocks around, ok ... put in the trading list. Breakout on Tuesday ... I grabbed 88cents but have to sell her the next day(yesterday) as it hit 95cents ... coming down, sold half at 93cents ... then sold all 91.5 cents. Today it confirmed my short-term bearish view ... and will watch to buyback at 88 ... or perhaps lower?

Next breakout in the making?

MPHB : Buying into her ... nice breakout 2.62 in the making, previous high at 2.65. Well, suddenly media said she is under-valued. These day ... as bull-market is running, media and many like to use the term 'under-valued'. Hmm ... I wonder why they never mentioned these under-valued companies in 2008-2009? Why not? Anyway, since they said MPHB is under-valued ... ok-la, use the chart for entry.

Stock-watch : It is my closed trading group.

Many more trades done ... good trading months as many new high and breakout-play. Breakout-play is a good strategy to profit from current rally, especially penny and/or ACE counters.

So, I am going to Penang to give a short 3-hour workshop to newbies/novices on how to trade breakout.

Date : 23rd Aug (next Sat)

Time : 3pm to 6pm

Venue : to be confirmed.

For more detailed ... contact : or

join me at

Sell losers, add into winners.


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