Sunday, August 03, 2014

Back to work ...

vs ManCity : Was lucky to comeback twice and won the penalty.

vs AC Milan : A good win ... and now to the final, vs ManU.

RAYA break is over. To someone us, we started to work on Wed. Some took longer break and the rush is back tmr morning. It is my second month 'not working'. I am actually busier now ... just that I no longer rushing to office for my 8am-9am morning classes ... running from a class to another, and trying to updates those tonnes of paper-work(heard that they have increase that load!!).

My working hour starts around 8.30am ... then 9am will be busy checking on movements and my 'queues'. Checking on oppostunities ... and cut-loss or clearing off losing trades. As I am able to monitor(at least till 10am), I have been making more better trades. I am glad ... I could focus in my trades now ... but in noon, I do have many classes ...

 PetDag : Went below RM19 ... crazy selling. Again written in The Star-biz(Saturday) about the EPF trimming, the drop in dividend ... emm ... from RM30 to RM20? wow ... and the PER still 'high'. RM15 is the next level then? Will it ever recover? Perhaps we should buy due to the fear? I thought we all heard of those quote "Be greedy when others in fear?" ... but buying into a down-trending counters? So many breakout and into new 52-week high leh ... check our own risk-appetite too. Well, PetDag is one of the waterfall that I like ... very much now!

Time to do some work now .. preparing for next week trade.

Back to work ...


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