Sunday, August 31, 2014

Merdeka Day : Freedom

Our country is 57 today ... we have progressed, but we are still way behind in many aspects. I will not mention about it ... as I want to find happiness in myself ... and to have that, I have to let-go of knowing how our beloved country being used and abused by many parties ... over the 57 years. Hey, I was not born then ...

Putting Merdeka-Day sentiment aside, I will want to write about a very subjective topic : Happiness.

Each day, when we woke-up ... whether we are ready or not, we have to run-the-day. Are we taking control of the day ... or let the day running us? There is quite a significant difference in the both. If we are to be "happy" ... we want the freedom to take control of our day!!

As happiness is subjective, depending on our definitions ... there is no right-wrong here. I saw a line yesterday "Argument is to prove who is right or wrong, but discussion to find what is right". Interesting. Because the moment we started to argue that ... by doing this-that, I will be happy is too energy-sapping and defeating the main core purpose of being happy! Ironic.

Listening to the above clip ... making us to think about what is negativity and how we could stay a little more positive each day ... activating our positive mind, sharing positive vibes.

Listing down the ingredients needed to be HAPPY ... it is endless. Many of the elements we thought of are shallow and on the surface. For example : I will be happy if Liverpool win the league. Some take 'happiness' in seeing others in pain or losing. For example : MU lost and some Liverpool's fans cheering that.

I do know I will be delighted if Liverpool won a game. But, that is not happiness. That is a temporary surge of cheers in us, not embedded in our heart.

To be free ... that is the road to happiness? Financial freedom? Freedom of speech? Freedom of thoughts? Freedom in every sense to individual? Is that really what happiness is? Do we feel it in us ... and it stays with us for ... long-long time?

So ... let us discuss about one of the ingredient that could lead us to have some satisfaction ... and perhaps, happiness. It is FREEDOM.

Our country is MERDEKA ... that is what it meant. Freedom!! Not control by British or Japanese. Not to be intimidate by other countries ... and free to vote, govern whatever way our elected gov wants. Our country's progress depending on the freedom we were given ... and it could easily that we abuse our freedom?

As I m writing about financial ... I want to write about financial freedom. Something elusive to many of us ... it is just like a dream, something we yearn for, we thought it will bring us happiness? Well, someone told me ... "I would rather cry behind BMW's wheels rather than a Proton's". Haha. He got a point there ... but I do wonder how many of us prefer to drive a BMW rather than Proton? All of us? But ... that is not the point. Are we financially free ... driving a BMW or not? I could be reaching my financial-freedom path without driving a BMW, but to continue to drive a Proton.

There are many out there ... living in debt. They might be well-paid, but they are still employed. To maintain their lifestyle, they have to work. The stress in them ... being translated into more using to money(that they earn) to fill the emptiness in them. True enough ... those who earn more, will use more. That is a rat-race, climbing some ladders ... fittest to stay etc etc. That could be very stressful, but we will rationalize that it is a norm --- to be stressful. Afterall, we are well-paid and expected to be able to cope!! Are we happy inside doing that? We could not ... as we are not ''free''. We have to play by the rules, bounded by rules and un-written rules ... we have to toe the line etc etc. That is why most of us employees could not be free.

When I was being a lecturer ... there are some things I dislike to do. For example : during at Inti, we are supposed to wear a neck-tie. Simply dislike those piece of cloth hangin on my neck, and I have to remember to wear it!! Heck with the colour and matching with my shirt I m wearing. Imagining ... in the morning, we need to know what tie we supposed to put on, matching with our shirt, pants, socks, shoe? Gosh ... I only have a pair of sock and shoe, anyway!! While in Taylors, we do not need to hang ourselves ... phew ... we are a little free. So, a little happier for me. Today, as I m not employed ... err ... I wear simple t-shirt, a jeans or Bermuda-shorts. At home, no need to wear also can. That is freedom ... I know I m not allowed not-wearing anything once I m out of my gate because ... that is "not our culture". I might be saman for indecent exposure. yeah ... this is Malaysia, we still could not be naturalist as it will be seen as disturbing keamanan. Hmm ... I do not mind being naked or join those groups(wear underwear only can la) but why share those clips everywhere, right? So, in term of clothing ... I have the 'freedom' to certain extent.

As employees, we are not free in many senses. Depending on companies, most employees do not have their say. We will be seen as the 'rebellious one' and not in good-book of our bosses, it might jeopardise our chances of climbing up, or our increment/bonus might be affected? So, we toe-the-line.

We always think that we could work till we retired(55 .. now increased to 60) and then we are free from working. But, are we financially free? The cost of living will certainly be higher. The medical fees ... tuition-fees for child(ren) ... daily living expenses. Is our saving and retirement funds enough for us not to work and could cover all our expenses, commitments?

These are questions I posted to myself about 6years ago. The answer is simple : NO.

Financial freedom simply means ... we do not work for money. We do not need to worry about the amount of money in the bank as we have sufficiently enough for years and years to come, even if we do not work. As I m frugal, and also adopting simple living ... it will be slightly easier for me to achieve my ''Financial Freedom" stage. I do not need to drive a BMW ... and I do not need to cry behind Proton's wheel!! Haha ...

So, we all should define our own financially-free state ... start to plan on it, and achieve it. It is a long road ... but it is achievable. Freedom ... many of times, we took it for granted. That explain also why some are not happy, even they are basically free to do many things, or having more than enough ... to be free. They are trapped in their own mind .. their wants, their greed ... their power-craze personality. Happiness is not being measured by the amount of freedom we could attain. It is more of how we feel happy being given the freedom. Yes, being grateful, appreciative ... thankful ... will help. Instead of complaining of what we do not have, we should thankful with what we have. We have the freedom ... of ..

I m not a happiness guru. It is something we could not teach others to be ... it is a choice!! But, one of the element to be happy is FREEDOM.

Enjoy the current freedom ... and work towards a goal of financial freedom. MONEY could not buy many things, that is true. But ... without money in current world, we could not be free either?

I want to have the freedom to write ... I do not want to bother about what others might be thinking. That freedom to write whatever in my own personal blog is mine. Tho I know it is publicly viewed(and I still hv to think of those unwritten rules) ... I will still want the space ... and freedom to express.

Being a blogger ... I enjoy writing. My English is not good(I do know la) ... but that is not the point. I want to be happy writing whatever I want, even if I do not have a reader at all. Freedom to express ... in my own words, not bothering about others views ... that is part of my happiness in blogging. Without ulterior motives, without arguing with others ... I want to feel the freedom of blogging.

Yes ... I want this free blog-space back ... and to write more of analysis, slowly I will move to use facebook group. Then, this trading adventure might become my life-adventure, rather. Hehe

Happy Merdeka holiday to all.

God bless.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

A post for my aunt, SK

I have spent about 2 hours to write/read about Ecoworld and Armada. It is a hobby ... things that I like to do whenever I am 'free''. It is a long weekend, and I m down with flu after whole day of going places. Well, I spent my day ... visiting my mom(after a month!!) and bringing her some moon-cakes. She will always say ... 'don't buy those moon-cakes, it is over-valued and not-worth it. But, if got people gave u as gift, I wont mind la' ... so, at least next time I know that I could buy her some of her fav type of moon-cakes but need to tell a white-lie? hehe ...

My mom does not read my blog ... my aunt SK does. Well, so ... as I knew she 'might' be reading this post, I will want to dedicate this post to her ... my 'ádopted' mom. We bro/sis will be bringing her for a lunch gathering tmr ... and I will be so glad to see her. I am not sure ... I came back to KL(from KK) also mainly because my moms are 'old'. They have been with me when I was young ... naïve, naughty and such ... and being more able today, I wish to spend time with them in their remaining years ... we could never know when we might no longer around. So, I do not wish to regret ... that I did not spend time with them ... when they needed me to be around them. Well, my kids are their grand-kids too.

This is something I could not explain ... even to my wife. I just feel that I owed them too much ... especially my aunt SK, who has been with me ... always helping me whenever I m in 'trouble' or needing assistance. She is always concern about my being ... and, it is from her I derived human values. Kor-kor, if you are reading these lines ... I want to say a big "THANK YOU".

Don't worry ... I m not shy to tell the world, the surrounding ... that I owed  much of my good beings ... from your good teachings. I may be the odd one, the not-so obedient type. I may have always wanting to do things my ways ... but, deep inside me, I do carry your words and teachings ... on how to appreciate lives, how to be a good human, in general.

Do you remember the day you advised me to 'drop' the add-math when I failed badly when I was in form-4? It was your whisper to me ... your concern that spurred me to work extremely hard in my Math as I knew I was not good in Math back then. I was too playful ... and not focusing in my school-works. I admit I was a 'lost' kid ... but, your kindness shone .... and opened a path for me. Your caring heart touched me ... and I promised not to let you down. I slogged, I struggled ... I cried. I wanted to prove to the surrounding so much that I am good in my Math, and to make you proud. You were a Math-teacher. How could I not good in the subject?

So ... I did it my silly way ... I worked for hours daily, in improving my Math. Yup ... I scored well in Math there after.

Do you remember ... when you said "it is very hard to enter local university being a Chinese?". I knew we were financially poor, you supported us with your small primary-school teacher's salary. I appreciated the struggle you have sacrificed for us kids. So ... I went on to prove to you that I could do well enough in my STPM to enter local Uni. I was lucky ... I went to Malaya to do my Math degree. I was 'mature' enough to give tuition and trying to make-end ... thanks for being there to support my Uni years .. yeah, with aunt SP's help too(and my sis).

Uni over ... working time. I was ''lost'' again ... but you have been keeping track of me, always. You are concern of my being ... being such a caring "mom" to me. How lucky I am to have you ... to know such caring and kind person. If I m to tell ALL ... how patient you have been towards everyone around, including me ... I will place you high-up there as the best 'model' of a good human should be. Never taking advantage of others ... listening to others, being a peace-maker ... and so much more.

I was so lost ... not only broke, stressed ... I want to 'escape' from all. I left KL ... but, I really miss your 'caring'. I knew I have to grow-up, be independent(merdeka and bebas?) .. and not to trouble you anymore. Time passed ... I was there in KK for 10 years. I could never be able to make it, without your encouraging words.

Do you know why I am back to KL? Besides my job, better living for my young family ... it is because of you. Yes ... I want to be with you as you fully retired. But, it was such an embarrassment to you and family(I felt so sorry) .. that I was broke. I came back with nothing in hands, no gifts for loving you ... but more burdens. I should not have troubled you ... but, naturally ... you came to my rescue.

You bought me the RM100 mattress as I do not even have a nice place to sleep. You came all the way to help me clean my new rented place. You pushed some cash to me, knowing that I was totally broke ... I did not show to you that ...  I cried. I felt so useless ... being at age 40, but have been living on your kindness. Yes ... again, your re-assuring voices to me ... sending a strong message, telling me to be strong and still believing in me that I could pull it thru(again?).

That was merely 4 years ago ... today, whatever I have achieved(and aiming to do), I owed that to ... you. I could never be able to re-pay your kindness. BUT ... I knew you are proud of me each time I done some charity-works!! Yes ... that is my driving force ... besides that is what I wanted to do, anyway.

You gave me the greatest guidance. That is how huge your influences on me, as a mother. Being with me since I was very young. I will always take your words as my own words. I will tell your stories to my kids when they are grown up. I will want them to appreciate you too. Without you, I am nobody. I may have strayed so much ... but, each time I did ... you pulled me back to the right-path.

Anyone with love for their mom, appreciating their mom's deeds ... doings, might understand how I am feeling. More than being grateful ... more than anything, you are always my light.

Please allow me to be closer to you ... as I want to spend time, understanding you as you have done for me. I could never be able to do enough, but the least I could do ... is to bring some cheers and smile in you. You are too kind ... to all. You are the light for many, and you have sacrificed enough. For now, I will want you to read this post ... which I written for you, as I have wrote thousands of post about stock-analysis which you do not understand about. Yet, you are there to know a little of my doings. Do not need to be ... call me, anytime ... I will be there for you.

Being Asians, we may not show our affections towards those we love ... but, I simply do not wish to contain my emotions to few beloved ones. You are definitely meant a lot to me.

Today ... I want to make you a proud 'mom'. It is not a mother's day. I never believe in such a day, anyway. To me, everyday is a good day to tell our mom that they meant a lot to us. So, you are in my thoughts, my mind.

I will continue to do well ... I will take-care of myself, as I want to take-care of many too. I will want to make you prouder ... when I could able to do more charitable work, and learn about your kindness in giving. You have my highest respect of ... what a good human should be. I will certainly wish to be a good-human as you have taught me to be.

I will want to hug you tmr ... and tell the world how you gave me LIFE ... and to live.

Thank you for being in my entire life so far. No one could take away this pride.


Pre-merdeka sales : Ecoworld and Armada

I have been out the whole-day ... with running nose, and needing to rest soon ... but I will like to check on some of the stocks I do like to re-trade as there are some merdeka sales going on ... so, I will use some of my time to check on the latest news related to these companies.

Ecoworld : Support RM4.50, closed RM4.69 now. I have traded her and the last time I sold was slightly above RM5, but it went to RM5.40. Ever since that multiple cooperate-exercises announcement ... it DIVED from high RM5.80 level.

24th APRIL : Suspension for announcement



Target Prices : RM7.60(CIMB), RM6.24(AMMB), RM6.59(Maybank) and RM6 (Alliance).

Now, we need to THINK ... it is under-valued? To me, Ecoworld is playing on future-news ... how Liew & gang could turn Ecoworld to become another SPSetia? Personally, I will prefer SPSetia (buyg should be below RM3, when Liew was leaving in April). So, Ecoworld is tradable ... we can profit from Ecoworld's price fluctuations, being a trader ... but not to hold for ... err .. long term? Long term is 1-3 years in my definition.

Armada : Closed at RM2.95, with the right-issue announcement recently.

Bumi Armada: Prices rights issue at high discount. Bumi Armada‟s rights shares have been fixed at RM1.35 a piece, which is a 32% discount to the theoretical ex-all price (TEAP) of RM1.98 per share. Based on this issue price, the rights are expected to raise gross proceeds of RM2bn. The rights shares will be issued on a one-for-two basis, involving up to 1.48bn shares. There is also a bonus issue of up to 1.48bn shares, also on a one-for-two basis. Bumi Armada‟s exercise is expected to be completed by the 3Q of this year. This is Bumi Armada‟s first rights issue since its listing in 2011. The RM2bn proceeds will likely be used to fund the group‟s huge capex pipeline. Bumi Armada currently has a tender book of some RM25bn. (StarBiz)

IPO : Bumi Armada debuts at RM3.65 for 62 sen premium over IPO price. So, the IPO price was at RM3.03.

Then, it is trading below its IPO at the moment!! This that a discount? If anyone been holding Armada at IPO below, and did not take profits (HIGH RM4.44 ... die-die-die), then should we be going through the exercise, pumping in more funds into her, believing in investing into the company? Afterall, it has HUGE order book?

OUB's target price : Bumi Armada’s 1H14 results came in below our and consensus expectations, accounting for merely 37.0% of our and 32.2% of consensus full-year estimates. That said, Bumi performed better on a qoq basis, bolstered by contributions from its Eni 15/06 and Kraken floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) projects. We retain our forecasts and re-iterate our BUY recommendation on the stock as we anticipate a better 2H14. Target price: RM4.00

Website :

We need to do some works on the biz, the share holders and much before we decide to invest in the company, and putting in more money into a company. Are we investing ... in the future of the company? Dividend-wise, it is definitely not in that category. So, to put money into her and averaging it down(assuming we are holding at IPO value), we really need to believe it will do well, in the future. PER at 20+, it is not "cheap". But, I do not really believe in taking PER as a good yardstick.

This is the weekly chart, to show the huge selling volumes for the past 3 weeks. Last week was the highest as I believe it is the end-of-month selling(by EPF). As a trader, I m seeing this as an opportunity to collect ...

Using technical, I will try to catch the knife ... and wish me luck. See if I will get burnt.

Add me at :

Next postings : Plantation : JTiasa (KYY's stock).


Friday, August 29, 2014

No eye see : Ideal, IJacobs, Iris

Ideal : At 51cents, dropping about 3%.

Ideal : Today ... low at 49cents ... closed 55.5cents. That is a cool 10% rebound ... wow. Got hope to rebound next week!! is our target 80cents now?

IJacobs : At 43.5 cents, dropping 7% today ...

IJacobs : This one also look nice ... 42cents support ... target is 70cents? great ...

Iris :  At 34 cents now, dropping 7%

Iris : At low 33cents ... some panic-selling, it rebounded to 38.5 ... cool!! Without these interesting counters, KLSE is a boring place to trade?

I will like to write about them ... but today, I am not so free. So, I will see if I could write at night.

Note : If u r reading this post from i3-portal, it will not be updated even if I update it. So, you need to go to this blogspot. I do not go to i3 but was told that my blah-blah blog still linked to i3?


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Relaxing day

Good morning ... cool, wet morning today. Staying at home ... alone. Listening to nice song, and going to watch another DVD.

This clip was dedicated to me by a member. Well, I met him during my Penang-trip. Nice humble person ... driving nice car. My first time inside XF. Haha ...

end-of-month ... with students going for exams, I will be more free to be at home, to do my personal work. That is the 'joy' of not being employed ... rushing for 8am-9am classes, and work whole day. Today, I hv the flexibility of TIME ...

12noon ... I will be fetching my gal from kinder, then ... bring her for lunch. The moments spent with my young growing kids is invaluable. A good balance of work-play and family ... that is what I am thriving for.

These day, I do have classes at nights and e-meeting too. But, I blocked my Sundays ... no more classes on Sundays, please. Slowly, I will be letting go the nights and to be with my kids, to guide them in their homework. Yes, it is all about priority of lives.

Since I managed to free myself from the crazy rushing for classes (plus tonnes of paperworks, endless) ... i could feel 'free' from those senseless stress of morning rush, jam ... so, I started to appreciate my new 'freedom', but I do still need to bring in some income?

Besides giving tuitions, I do trade short-term ... earning some small money.

Example : SEAL reported badly yesterday ... this morning, it gapped down, dived ... I bought 1.15 and 1.19 ... too fast, and sold 1.21. Done. It went to 1.23 ... zzz ... I am out, and time to watch movie. Yesterday was Efficien and the day before was PDZ.

Time for "Avengers"


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Networking : Road to financial freedom?

I went to attend a gathering sort-of networking group. Interesting ... as it is my first time I dared myself to open-up myself to 'public' and strangers. Well, I was a loner(I still think I am today ... tho I have changed so much and got to know hundreds of individuals) ... dislike crowds ... dislike hee-hee-haa-haaa ... dislike selling ... dislike salespersons ... and more comfortable being left alone, only with few nice/good company around.

But ... I challenged myself to attend and speak!! Yes, we were given 5 minutes to introduce ourselves. Basically, it is a good platform to SELL yourself!!

For example, a person working in "RockWill" trying to make presentation about why we should write a will and can contact him?

For example, another person speaking about his ".com" biz and where if we help him to sell certain products, we could collect 'points' etc etc ...

But ... what I am selling? haha

This man is our main speaker ... he speaks about "Law of Attraction". Interesting person ... and will be attracted to know him more as he is involving in micro-E to SME. So, I will like to know more about him ... and get to know him. See? The Law of Attraction is working here ...

I am a believer in "LOA" ... focus in what you want to achieve,

I started my 5 minutes talk, nervously about ... saying "Hi ... I am TEH". I was a lecturer for past 25yrs, teaching Math in college level. But, recently I quit my job ... and now doing a full-time tutoring job. With two young kids, it is scary to quit my job ... actually, I am also a stock-trader. Blah-blah ...

I used this concept to explain ... I was full-time lecturer, back in KK with salary below RM3.5k, plus a little from tuition classes, which falls in S-quadrant. That was just 5 years ago. I was broke ... so, I went into stock-markets, thinking of I-quadrant ... as my mindset was shifting to the right-side (B & I). I failed the keropok-biz(B) and lost most of my small capital in 2008-crash (I). 

But ... my determination(do or die?) to succeed is strong than my failure ... I pulled myself up, re-focus and then ... continue to learn. I planned to move out of the E-quadrant 5 years ago(one may read my 5-years ago posts?) ... and yes, I took the plunge 2 months ago!! I did it. Haha ...

Now, I am inside I-quadrants ... and doing well. I hv no intention to move away from I-quadrant ... but I attended the networking group, hoping to struck me ideas or collaborate with others on what I can do next. Markets wont bull-rally forever? We need to move our money/funds out once the fun is over? So ... I am moving part of it into B-quadrant. I am willing to learn from many biz-men(not salesmen) ... how they set-up their biz, risk involved, their ups-downs, experiences etc etc ... anything that I could get myself to learn ... about running a biz, successfully. 

So ... recently, I set-up a tuition center. Great start tho I do face some hiccups. What is next? How to I run it successfully? What should I do to expand? And more ... to learn.

Leaving the E-quadrant is a 'planned' journey ... it is not. To be honest, I never foresee future ... I just keep working on the 'present' moment ... and set my goals, plan ... work-work-work ... nothing else. No secrets ... but I do believe in LOA(Law of Attraction).  I do believe in changing my mindset ... and strongly believe that I have many more things to learn!! 

Pushing myself away from the E ... and now, I am still inside S(giving tuition ... exchanging time with money) ... so, I will be moving away from S in ... 3 years time!! Once I am able to do that ... I am inside B and I. 

Finacial Independence is what I talked about ... in introducing myself. I am not good in public speaking. I am not gentle(LOL) and prefer to speak about facts(rather than fake smiles). 

So ... conclusion of tonight's gathering : I failed. Haha ... I just find the door out after the event rather than staying there to 'interact'? 

By the way, there is a currency-trader(working for a bank) there ... wow. There is another young man who will be sitting for module 6-7 too. I saw a Kenanga name card flying around, but somehow ... it didnt reach me. 

JH Lee : This is my latest bed-time reading ... simple and nice. How he free himself financially ... so, I m interested (and highly admiring) to know how he did it ... and what I need to achieve that? Write a book? Write this blog-post ... err ... do not pay me anything. Just the satisfaction that I could voice out my thoughts ... and reminding myself of my journey ... to financial freedom!!

Wish me luck ... and when 'I am there', I will certainly teach everyone to be 'there' (for free ... but all need to donate to my charity fund, which I will be creating). For now, whatever I talk ... is just talk-only. Actions always speak louder than words?


CPO at 2014

CPO : Saw that in my blog(widget) ... nice number 2014.

Yes, CPO has been in strong downtrend, many plantation counters in sales!! FGV went to new low? It hit RM3.81 ... today it shown some rebounds? Will it breaks RM3.80?

This is the front-page of The Egde recently.

TSH dived sharply too!! Broken 20MA(yellow line) last week ... now trading around RM3.25

Ok ... time to watch DVD : The Journey.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

From The Inside : MERDEKA

As I am a LP's fans ... I do like most of their songs. Some might think that their songs not suitable for an 'old' man like me ... or even wondering why I would like their songs ... 'like' is under-statement, actually.

They released the latest album recently ... this old song, "From The Inside" ... appropriately stating what I think of ...MERDEKA DAY.

To feel that we are Malaysian, it must be from the inside. To love our country, we need to FEEL that we are Malaysians. Slowly, younger generation might no longer feel the way I am feeling ... for my country.

This is something many won't feel when they shout "1-Malaysia" slogan ... or sing "Negaraku" during school's assembly. I still remembered that I was one of those 'stupid' young Chinese who will stand straight and sing the song ... proudly. Patriotism ... hmm ... it is fading. I have to admit that.

Petronas has been doing a good job with their catchy advertisements during festive-seasons. This is Merdeka ... 2014.

To feel MERDEKA ... we need to feel it inside. Yes, it is from inside us. Not slogan-preaching. Not being forced to 'show' we love our country, we treasure our diversity ... our different cultures, appreciating our differences. We, normal Malaysians ... are blended. I do take roti-canai for breakfast, enjoying Nasi-lemak or satay ... I speak Malay too. Why are we slowly being divided?

Print Screen : Malaysia Map.

It is our politicians ... gov or oppositions. Same. Always using race or religion as their agenda, to split and divide(in order to gain votes) us. sigh. I really missed OLD feelings of being a Malaysian. We do not talk about the colour of our skins. We have mutual respect ... and mixed well. In fact, one of my best of friend was an Indian. And in Sabah, I speak Malay with my Kadazan friends!!

Maxis's Merdeka 2014 ... stating that we are family!! Only when we could feel it from the inside.

Digi's Merdeka ad ... we are family!!

Be a happy big family, can-or-not?

Happy merdeka ...


Monday, August 25, 2014

Risky Game : Hot Penny Stocks

Last week, we have frenzy buying? We hit record hit trading volumes, thanks to many penny-stocks(cheap is good?) shooting higher and retailers chasing them up.

Today and tmr, many contra and short-term players will have to sell.

The Edge over the weekend shown 5 counters : PDZ, Globaltec, WZ Satu, Seacera and Sumatec.

PDZ : hitting high 42 but closed 29.5, then rebounded to 38.5 ... and today closed at 33cents. Will it break 30 cents tmr? Or shoot up higher than 40cents?

Glotec : Moved from 5-6cents to 10cents ... then, crazy buying coming in for it to move from 10.5cents to high 14cents, closed at 12cents. Today, it hit low 10cents and closed 11cents. Buying at 10cents ... sell 11cents is 10%?

WZSatu and Seacera no longer penny-stocks.

Sumatec : Shot to high slightly above 60cents, then one day dive to 44cents, rebounded to 52cents ... and 54cents ... and today closed at 47.5cents. Will it move up back above 54cents or break lower than 44cents? Interesting to watch tmr ...

How about other penny-stocks?

GPA : I bought at 13-`14cents and it breakout of 15cents resistance. It shot to 19cents, but I sold way too early. Today it hit 14cents ... and closed 15cents. Could it holds?

Marco : Recently breakout of 20cents, I took the breakout-play and sold in 2 days time. It hit high 25cents, now closed at 21 cents. Could the 20 cents support hold?

Opensys : Closed 40cents, broken 44cents. Next to check is 37.5cents, if 40cents broken.

Sealink : Support 50cents in danger now ... closed 53.5 today. Putting it back to my watch-list.

Ok ... trade well, do read about it "The Edge" last weekend.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Penang Trip

It is confirmed that I will be driving up to Penang tmr morning ... yeah .. kinda excited and hope I could sleep early today.

I m thinking of taking second-bridge ... and should reach there for lunch.

Check-in 2pm ... bath and prepare for 3pm talk. It will be nice to meet few of them, and some travelled from Kedah(wow).

Then, at night will be meeting some trading-kaki for drinks. Planning 8pm or so.

Sunday morning 9am still got another session ... and then, off home I go after that.

Topic : How to trade breakout(will give my latest example Fitters) and technical rebound.

Those wish to join, contact me at

See ya


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

From hot to not?

This morning, The Star showing the signs? I posted to my group to be cautious and take profits in many penny counters such as Marco, Asiapac, Keladi ... yesterday was GPA and many of such penny-rally counters.

AsiaPac : I bought yesterday as it breakout of 32cents ... managed to sell half in the morning, then some panic-selling around making it lower than my cost now. Stuck with another half, clear if 32cents broken.

Ideal : Was ideally at 80cents yesterday ... now at 64cents. Who is selling? Ideally ... it should be ..

IJacobs : Suspended pending announcment . Then ... from 72cents now 57 cents ...

Marco : This one treated me well ... bought 20.5 due to breakout sold 24, bought back 23.5 before closing yesterday and today sell 24.5-25 done in the morning. It went to hit 26(a member told me he sold at 26). It closed 21. Due to panic-selling, I thought of buying back at 20cents? It was not done.

PDZ : The operator(s) decided to release some ... and take profits? Went above 40cents, closed below 30cents? Who is selling? Halim? Mara? Or ... someone else?


Sumatec : Dived 28% today, unfortunate for those chased in the morning. This is one hot-stock everyone is talking about when it breakout 52cents resistance. Hope none of my members punted as I do not trade her.

Zelan : Recently was in play too ... up from 26cents to 46cents ... now we are seeing 36cents. Very speculative? Avoid, then.

These are RISK of trading penny-speculative counters ... if we are late-comers, we have to sell for losses. Is the game over? Averaging down is a definite NO to me. Cut-loss?

Generally, if we are newbies and novices ... we should not be trading such stocks.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What is hot, what is not.

Tuesday ... raining ... a relaxing day.

Went to Shah Alam for some Kementerian tasks, then ... dropped at Plaza SA for nice drink ... well, not monitoring much ... penny-stocks shooting!!

Well, penny-rally making many penny stocks moving furiously. Yeah ... goreng-time on for many retailers to jump in and out.

Marco : Breakout of 20cents yesterday, I bought 20.5cents ... zzz ...

Keladi : Breakout too ... buy buy buy.

TalamT : Bought 13cents, was queueing for 12.5cents for days ...

GPA : breakout 15cents ... now 19 cents ... UMA soon?

PDZ : really boleh ... really hot. VERY hot. UMA? What is that, bursa?

Sumatec : broken 50cents ... now 60cents ...

Ideal : Well ... shooting so so high, but today(now dived 19%) ... interesting how this is being goreng-ed.

There are many more being discussed in the group ...

What is not hot?

DRB : Today we see 2.13 ... well, market is not favouring these ... with target price given so high, but the recent bad-news about Audi pulling it down? i do like DRB at current level. See if RM2.13 could hold?

FGV : Broken Rm3.95 yesterday, we have last line drawn RM3.82 ... remember the one day event when it went all the way to Rm3.82 in very short-period? CPO dropping a lot ... avoiding plantation-counters.

UEMS : Big-cap property counters not in play ... need to go for micro-cap. Or those counters speaking of intention of moving into property ... re-valuing their lands, that kinda of stories attracting more attention. UEMS? Well ... 1.98 is coming?

As KLCI up 7points now ... many are HOT. Short-terms trading. Avoid those not.

Penang trip : It is confirmed. I m driving up this Saturday morning!! Excited to see many there.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Penang Trip's talk

Morning ... so, travelling to Penang next weekend is confirmed. I have to postpone/cancel some of my tuition classes for that.

I will focus in talking about BREAKOUT as it is the current trend. If one could catch a breakout, that will be great and easily cover the small fees I am charging.

LBAlum : I discussed this during e-meeting on Monday(11th) and posted it to the stock-watch group on Wed(13th) morning as it started to move ... some just grabbed at 74-76cents, but I would rather wait for breakout.

LBAlum : Catching her at 80cents or below is not easy ... it was at 78cents when many in our group alerting it. I was checking on the volumes ... and it shot up very fast to 80cents, I just grabbed the market price. As some sold around 85, I grabbed more at 82-83, actually. I was waiting for closing, and sold half at 87cents. Still keep half ... next week above 90cents? If it is not a good candle-forming on Monday, I will out. Yes, short-term trading carries high RISK. So, do mange that and the emotion ... it should be ok.

So, I will be talking about "breakout" ... and some of the breakout-play I have taken recently ... example, Inari, PMetal .. to the recent Silkhld, Seacera...terday's LBAlum. SMRT still failing to breakout to new high tho I have traded her during 74cents breakout. Now ... we are checking 92cents breakout. Wait.

I need to book a place in Penang, and I will need to know how many is coming by Wednesday. So, those wish to join my Penang's talk ... contact me at

Many more breakouts in the making. Do not miss them.

have a nice weekend.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Hot Stock : SMRT

SMRT moving higher ... breakout of 0.915 today, might be due to the announcement yesterday. Few days ago, some asked if could buy in as they are not in the 'boat' yet. I said ... buy 90 cents should be OK but, need to wait for breakout. Today ... about 9.30am, it broken to new high, now at 93-94 level.

Well, many still holding at 80cents level ... some still hold from our initial 70cents entry level. I have traded her many times and quite glad with this counter. But, never fall in love in any counters. Never.

Emerging Gem with New Growth Engine – Tertiary Education by ZJ

-We recently met up with SMRT Holdings Bhd (SMRT)’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Dato’ Dr Palaniappan A/L Ramanathan Chettiar, together with his management team for an
update and went away feeling positive about the Group’s prospect, driven by its education

-New growth driver - CUCMS. To recap, SMRT has, up to January 2014, primarily been a
provider of integrated human resource (HR) development software solutions that also offer
complementary HR-related services such as consulting, outsourcing, learning and talent search.
Then, in June 2013, the Group announced its proposed acquisition of 70%-stake in In-Fusion
Education Sdn Bhd (IESB) for RM27.4 mln. IESB owns and operates the Cyberjaya University
College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) in Cyberjaya, Selangor. With the completion of the
acquisition in January 2014, SMRT has effectively diversified into the provision of tertiary
education in medical sciences.

-Briefly on CUCMS. CUCMS was set up in October 2005 under the Private Higher Educational
Institutions Act, 1996. As the name indicates, the university college specializes in the provision
of courses related to medical sciences. The main campus of CUCMS is located in Cyberjaya,
Selangor, and spans across 5.5 acres of land with a total built up of 200,000 sf. It has a
capacity to accommodate 3,500 students at any point in time. And given the nature of the
courses where a sizable portion of students are off-campus doing clinical training during certain
stage of their programs, we understand that CUCMS could technically enroll up to 6,000
students using its existing facilities without incurring further investment, by managing the course
time-tables. At the moment, the university college has approximately 2,400 students.

In terms of ranking, CUCMS is rated Tier 5 on Setara rating while its medical school achieved a
Tier 4 rating from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) (note: there are 6 tiers with Tier 1
as weak and Tier 6 as outstanding)

Transfer to Main Market – Greater Appeal to Institutional Investors

The board of SMRT, through its appointed investment banker, has on 30 June 2014 announced 
the proposed transfer of the listing of its entire issued and paid up share capital together with 
the outstanding warrants from the ACE Market to the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia. 

In the announcement, SMRT has detailed out the requirements for the proposed transfer, all of 
which it has fully complied. The criteria involved include:- 

o achieving a minimum cumulative profit track record of RM20 mln over the last 3 to 5 
years with at least RM6 mln in the most recent financial year; 

o healthy financial position with sufficient working capital for the next 12 months, positive 
operating cash flow and absence of cumulated losses in the most recent audited 
balance sheet; and 

o having a minimum public shareholding spread of at least 25%. 

Good timing. We opine that the proposed transfer is at an opportune time, where the Group’s 
earnings are expected to grow substantially. The transfer to Main Market would enable SMRT 
to attract the attention of institutional shareholders, who are mostly not keen or not allowed to 
invest in the ACE Market. From our checking on Bursa Malaysia website and SMRT’s 2013 
annual report, we noted that there are no institutional shareholders at this juncture. Upon the 
successful transfer to Main Market, we believe the Group may draw interest from institutional 
shareholders with its growth story as an education player. SMRT endeavors to complete the 
transfer exercise by 4th quarter of 2014. 

Private placement shares @RM0.64/share. SMRT also announced on 1 July 2014 that the 
Board has fixed the issue price of its private placement shares at RM0.64/share. The issue 
price represents a discount of 9.4% over the 5-day volume weighted average market price of 
SMRT shares up to 30 June 2014. To recap, the Group had in May 2014 announced to 
undertake a private placement exercise. Based on the 19.5 mln private placement shares to be 
issued, the Group is expected to raise some RM12.5 mln in proceeds, which it would use for 
working capital and bank borrowing repayment purposes (after defraying the expenses 
associated with the exercise). We anticipate to see the emergence of some institutional 
shareholders through this placement exercise. 


We recommend a long term BUY call on SMRT and peg our fair value to RM1.01. We like the stock for its growth potential in the tertiary education sector led by its hands-on management. 

We noted the share price of the stock has run up substantially in 2014 from circa 20 sen to the current 
level. We attribute the excitement to various factors, including the expected significant jump in 
SMRT’s earnings following the completion of the acquisition exercise in January 2014 and business 
turnaround in CUCMS; as well as investor realization of the growth prospect of the enlarged Group 
going forward. 

We expect the profile of SMRT to improve further with the impending transfer to Main 
Market. Nevertheless, we do advocate investors to be cognizant of possible correction or 
consolidation in share price that may ensue following the recent exponential rise. We recommend 
investors to accumulate the stock gradually and prudently to reap the long term prospects of SMRT. 


Ok, read all we want ... now, what is our action? Buy? Or if u r in position, lower price ... add more? Or ... just watch it moving higher to RM1(selling point?) and just busy talking about it?

Note : I have just added my position this morning. Trade at your own risk and do ask those know-how.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breakout Play

There are many-many counters breaking into new 52-week high or even historical high. We are in the bull run if you could not feel it yet?

VS : This is VS today. In the beginning of JULY, we discussed it at our tratles meeting, it was trading at 1.60 plus. A bull running market ... push it RM1.80 ... then RM1.90 ... then above RM2. It hit RM2.11 high recently, and I sold at RM2.10 yesterday. Well, good trade ... but it shot above RM2.11 today. It opened at RM2.13 ... which I just grabbed, came down and all my queues from RM2.10 to RM2.12 done too. I sold half at RM2.21 and RM2.22. Some members still holding at different levels, as I traded a few times now. Well, still have half to sell ... RM2.30 plus tmr?

Note : Can still hold if u r not trading. How high will it go?

PJDev : Breakout yesterday(again and again) ... I grabbed 1.94 closing price. Today it went above RM2, hit 2.06, closed 2.04. I am going to move into PJDev-wc once it breaks RM1.08(soon??).

Well, PJDev is in news(with OSKProp) ... and it is no secret. But, we need to take actions to profit from that piece of news?

Note : I am still holding ... many in my trading group still holding at around 1.80 levels.

Mitra : I sold Mitra yesterday(shooting star) and today(0.995 opening price) as I bought on Tuesday due to breakout. At times, breakout could fail ... so, we must take action to take profits(or cut-loss). Good profit for one-two days trade. Support seen at 93cents now, closed 96cents.

Willow : Written in the forbes for one of the best stocks around, ok ... put in the trading list. Breakout on Tuesday ... I grabbed 88cents but have to sell her the next day(yesterday) as it hit 95cents ... coming down, sold half at 93cents ... then sold all 91.5 cents. Today it confirmed my short-term bearish view ... and will watch to buyback at 88 ... or perhaps lower?

Next breakout in the making?

MPHB : Buying into her ... nice breakout 2.62 in the making, previous high at 2.65. Well, suddenly media said she is under-valued. These day ... as bull-market is running, media and many like to use the term 'under-valued'. Hmm ... I wonder why they never mentioned these under-valued companies in 2008-2009? Why not? Anyway, since they said MPHB is under-valued ... ok-la, use the chart for entry.

Stock-watch : It is my closed trading group.

Many more trades done ... good trading months as many new high and breakout-play. Breakout-play is a good strategy to profit from current rally, especially penny and/or ACE counters.

So, I am going to Penang to give a short 3-hour workshop to newbies/novices on how to trade breakout.

Date : 23rd Aug (next Sat)

Time : 3pm to 6pm

Venue : to be confirmed.

For more detailed ... contact : or

join me at

Sell losers, add into winners.