Saturday, July 12, 2014

Trading Workshop

Good morning ... I have shown this clip before. The speaker is an author of trading-book who emphasized on "Trading Plans" and his book is highly recommended by me to my tratles.

Today I will have a trading workshop(cohort 12) and I am still charging so cheaply. I believe in education ... sharing and learning. Then, we work on the fact that we knew ... putting aside what we do not.

There is always a debate on the use of FA vs TA. Everyone has their own opinions, different trading set-up and more. So ... as I have retired from my full-time teaching job, I will try to find some time to blog, to write in my facebook( CP's Trading Adventure ... slowly, moving my blog there) ... and have some trading workshop for those who wish to learn about trading. Yes, I do not use many indicators, as the emotion and trading plan is much more important that those indicators/oscillators.

I do use price-volume actions. Some called in VSA(Volume Spread Analysis) ... and to me, that is important. Candle-sticks reading is essential in any trading set-up. The chart-patterns ... support-resistance. Guess those are important ... then only think of RSI/ADX or MACD.

Planning before we trade ... doing some home-work behind it, that is more important. So, if u do not understand many of those jargons or indicators ... and trading well, do not worry. Do what is working, re-fine and re-define them. Move on ...

A looong interesting day for me as I am meeting many new faces today in my trading workshop today!! Many are them already in my stock-watch group, and that will help them to understand how I take a trade.

have a nice weekend ahead.


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