Friday, July 18, 2014

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This morning is another sad day for Malaysians ... MH17 reported to be shot-down. 295 on board. Really sad ... after the missing MH370 case.

My mind not working ... but I have been too busy to write, many things happening and I still have so many un-settled things to deal with. I am no longer rushing to college in the morning, writing this post at home ... but, seriously ... I think I have more things to do than when I have a full-time teaching job.

Yes ... I am back home ... more involve in things happening around home. Home is where I want to be.

Ok ... let me start my blah-blah for the week/month.

World Cup : It is over ... Germany won. So, discount for the German-made headphone. Might want to grab one. I did not really follow the whole tournament after England lost. I supported Liverpool's players ... not England, actually. Suarez done his biting stunt again, and moved to Barca. So, Liverpool will be without Suarez. They lost their first pre-season game(second string).

Well, if the father really bet all his education fund ... he is rich now!!

Liverpool : New season ... awaiting.

College : I have NOT exited college as I hv 5 missing library books and an exit interview to attend. Seriously, this is urgent ... but I still could not get myself to settle it!! arrghhh ...

Dental : For past one month, I have been trying to 'solve' my gigi problems. I admit that I do not brush teeth as frequent as I should and simply done the task. So, the problems propping up ... and I have tooth-ache. Done with the root-canal ... now, I have to do a bridge. These will take me another 1-2 months to be settled. Hmm ...

Knee Injury : Recently, I was excited and joined bowling competition ... yeah ... finally, after years!! Unfortunately ... after a good first game, I injured my knee(I am a right-hand bowler, so, it is the left knee) ... sigh. I have been grounded for a month ... and now is recovering, but still could not do heavy activities such as ....

Jogging : Have to give-up the jog for a month now. I do not know when I could be back to running ... perhaps I could think of 'cycling', instead.

CUTE : I have dropped the idea of taking this exam, to be licenced to sell UT and also able to promote 'EPF' withdrawal for investment in KLSE. It didnt serve me well as I do not believe in UT, but was thinking of promoting those with EPF(giving 5-6% which is good, ok?) to invest in KLSE? KLCI at high ... so, it is NOT time to do such ... it is better to put cash in EPF at current moment.

Module 6-7 : It is possible for me to consider taking this exam instead. But, again ... I am not interested to be remisier and doing all those selling, paperwork etc etc. But, well ... take the exam, see how next time ... if I am to be in stock-broking line? Anyone interested to employ me? hmm ...

Four trolleys ...

Charity : It is Raya time again ... my third year of having the Raya-charity drive, contributed by some of kind trading members, one of them helped me last Sunday. Feeling great. This is the address of the place ...and I have adopted the home for 3 years now. So, I will interview the 'management' and will create more awareness. Three years ago, they were in very 'poor' state ... but now, I think they are doing well now ... so, I m going to move on to find a poorer homes which need attention and help. Yes, I want to be used as a platform to create awareness ... and help these homes ... doesn't matter Malay, Chinese or Indians? Write to me ( if u know any poor homes that need attention. thanks.

Tuition : Classes going on well ... more classses now, with my nights occupied too. I have blocked my Sundays. No classes on Sunday as I wish to rest and spend time with family.

Trading : Have been actively trading, and doing good. This morning sold SPSetia, and bought the bearish Airport. PMetal and Presbhd moving to new high too. Trading becoming short-term.

Stock Watch : July is a new group now ... few new members. Doing good.

Funds : Consolidating my funds. Needing at least another 2-3 weeks to make the adjustments, calculations etc etc.

Cohort-12 : I had a trading workshop last week, mix of experienced traders and newbies. Well, I do need to advertise for my next workshop, planning in Penang end of next month? Will see how ...

Sherlyn : My little girl is six soon but still could not able to talk. She is 'slow' in her developments. So, I am still not sure if she could go for usual Std 1 or home-schooling? OKU school is out. Yeah ... will be busy looking for suitable home-school for her.

Center : My tuition center giving me another stress, as the issue-ing of licence is pending for approval. It has dragged on for months ... into years now. Anyone could help? I wont mind paying, of coz.

In-law : My mom-in-law will be in town today, till after Raya. Will need to re-schedule my time to bring her to places.

KK : Going to Sabah end of year ... perhaps, can meet up with some readers/followers there?

And it is time to go ... lunch and classes again.

Prayers for MH17 ...


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