Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Trades : July

Some of trades so far ...  for JULY

I have said to record my done trades in but ... I am still more comfortable with my blog here. It has been with me for almost 6 years now.

Affin : It was a good trade ... bought below RM3.30 ... but I sold when it hit 20MA. Ok ... that WAS good as it retraced ... after 2 weeks later or so, it started to rally above 20MA and I missed her!! The M&A news of CIMB-RHB-MBSB pushing Affin into play(check out TA too) and how I could miss ... as I think I was focusing in many others. Nevertheless, when it was hitting RM3.60plus, that will be a sell as 'shooting star' black-candle shown. I will use this chart as example to show my trading-workshop today(later).

Benalec : This did not work as I seen it ... to breakout of RM1.20 ... thinking of ascending triangle forming, a breakout in the making (just like how I caught Inari and PMetal before they broke-out). So, Benalec is one of my losing trade for July. Well, July been a good month for me as I m no longer running from classes to classes and could focus. I do have high 80% good trades so far, touch wood.

Note : I do not have Affin or Benalec ... many in hands, so I will not trade them for the time being.

BJCorp : One moment it shot up from 47cents to 54cents ... due to the Bkt Tinggi casino news(perhaps) ... then, dive all the way back to 47cents ... formed a hammer with high volume. I bought 48.5(I think) and sold 51cents two days later for few free dinners. Again, I do not know why it is rebounded ... I do know this is a VT's counter, we have profits ... we need to run. Will it be back to the low 47cents? We shall watch ... as I will put her back in my list once it hit 47cents again.

Hovid : This is another penny stock I am trading. Still holding her tight at 41cents(bought back) and see how high it could shoot ... Hovid is given in RHB-OSK's top 30 jewel list. That is a nice bullish engulfing, and will use this chart as example when I am showing my new cohort-12 about candle-sticks reading. I do have Hovid-wb too. We bought Hovid-wb at 19cents level and sold when it shot up high ... now we are talking about 40cents level? What a bull ... it is overbought, so I have to let go of her soon.

Penny stocks : I have exited Opensys, EForce, L&G, Sealink and more.

PMetal : This is one of a very good trade. It is a very strong breakout ... and I bought back yesterday morning when I saw it breaking RM4.50. I bought 4.52-4.54 ... see if it could go to RM4.80 on Monday ... well, seeing the breakout, I grabbed PMetal-wc at market RM2.70 too. Then, I bought PMetal-ca at closing price 22.5cents. Well ... PMetal ... gogogo?

Here is a sample of my posting in my closed group.

This was posted in 2nd July. Buying at support, sell at resistance strategy.

We can see that 0.545 is a strong support ... each time when it hit 0.545, it rebounded to 0.585 ... so, some of my members bought 0.545-0.55 ... but I asked them to sell 0.585 ... it hit high 0.60 .... if not, now back to 0.565. As I place time-frame 1-2weeks, that is for short-term traders. I do have trades for 1-3 month-time. i do have 'long term' such as SPSetia when I asked the group to buy-hold below RM3. Now ... err .. SPSetia at RM3.60(I sold yesterday ... to go for something else).

SPSetia ... will buyback ...

Last month .... I shown the group again after it broken RM3.08 resistance. RM3.40 is SELL half, yesterday is the time to take profits ... after months collecting below RM3. One moment, some funds sell-down her ... one moment stated Liew and gang left, next moment telling us SPSetia is dying soon without Liew(and asked retailers to buy Ecoworld = SPSetia2) ... those noises around is deafening. Being a contrarian is right again, to buy SPSetia when no one interested. So, today I will share in my trading workshop ... why we need to do the opposite of what majority doing. We do not need noises but we could use those noises ... and do the opposite. It is easier said than done.

MRCB ... sold 1.78 and I want her back at RM1.64, but yesterday it hit RM1.65 ... rebounded to 1.70 level. Missed again but a fraction.

Tambun ... posted recently.

Property counters in play ... I missed Asiapac tho I posted to the group. But, I took PJDev and PJDev-wc ... many took Tambun and Tambun-wa which are doing well too. It is a bull-running, many stocks showing breakout and new high.

Petdag still fails to rebound ... perhaps I will need to clear her off for something else. AEON retraced too ... few of my non-performing stocks for July.

Got to go for classes and seeing my cohort-12 this noon. As most of them in my stock-watch group, they will slowly know how I traded.

For those wish to join my trading group, do contact me or add me at

have a nice weekend as DOW closed 100+ points. So, I will be drinking

today ...


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What happened to Hovid? Dropped over 20% in few days?