Sunday, July 06, 2014

Meeting people

Hi ... I am "Teh". Nice to meet u!

Nah ... doesn't sound right to me as that is not natural to me. Haha ...

I prefer ... hey, wats-up? Wanna have a drink?

Yeah ... I am meeting more people now. For past 3-4 years, since back to KL ... I have met more people than I have met in 30-40 years of my life!! What a change!!

In 2005-2006, when I started with my 'keropok/kurma' biz, I dislike to meet people. Seriously, you may call me anti-social ... and I do not care. I do not talk to people, I dislike attending wedding dinners and I do not ... attend meetings/gatherings. I knew I have to change ... open-up myself and learn to interact.

What drive me to be a trader(independent) is ... I do not need to do sales. I m bad in dealing with people ... so, I prefer to be left alone .. doing what I like to do. Trading by our own could be 'boring' ... so, with a group of trading-kaki, it is becoming more interesting! Information shared could help us in making decisions too.

Ever since I started to trade ... blog about my trading ... started to share to others how I trade, I got to know many-many people. There are many e-mail, where only 10-20% of them really added into my trading group. Most of them just ask 'for fun'. But ... I do still meet many in the circle ...

Meeting readers of my blog ... well, I have met few too in these 3-4 years. I met some in market-talks(some of them recognised me?), some called me out for a drink/dinner. Some ... were my trading-members. Some are from financial line such as dealers/remisiers, agents, analysts ... I have met many in these few years ... and as I am freeing myself from my full-time teaching job, I will be attending more market talks and meeting more people.

I know there are not so good human out there. They have their own personal agenda. So, I need to be ... err ... careful when I am meeting them. I am too naive in such ... but, after meeting many ... I started to have a 'feel' what these so-called socialising ... but ... arr ... I still dislike it. haha.

Anyway ... I will like to meeting more people who are in trading/investing line ... finance-banking line.

Time for nice dinner.


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