Thursday, July 24, 2014

I forgot my phone

i have posted this before ... saw this clip again in facebook.

I do not allow myself to check my handphone while having dinners with my family. I will put in silent mode. I will only check any missed calls or messages after the dinners or when I m 'free'.

I do not understand why people will take photos of their food. It is silly to me ... when we are having lunch/dinner with family or friends. I do not understand selfie ... especially when people are around, with u. Do that when you are alone!!

I do not have 'data-plan' for my so-called smart-phone.

So, this is a good reminder to myself ... to forget about my handphone. We do need to be reminded.

On KLCI, Hovid in profit-taking mode ... Opensys breakout. SMRT showing some profit-taking there(holding half) and property-counters moving.

Keladi up ... so, Asiapac following. BJFood limit up ... wow. AAX up again, rebounded well(some rumours around with MAS?).

ok ... time to go for dentist appointment .. and classes.


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