Thursday, July 10, 2014

Breakout Play

Hovid-wb : While we collected at 19-19.5 cents level, waited for a month ... suddenly it shot up!! I sold part at 23.5 ... and today, I want t sell at 26.5 cents ... can I keep till 30 cents?

Inari-wa : I sold today 2.93 and 2.98 in the morning. I have shown Inari breakout in play before it breakout (click here and it is really such a strong run. Many bought Inari and Inari-wa.

VS : This was discussed in our tratles meeting a month or so ago. Recently it breakout of RM1.63 level after reported good profits. Then, short profit-taking ... and from no where ... it shot up to RM1.90!! I managed to sell 1.82 and 1.88.

Watch-out for more of such breakout as during bull-markets, it wil be good to catch those potential breakout!

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