Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Blue SEA ...

These are beautiful pictures ... nice.

SEA-cera : Shooting above RM1 today. Given to my stock watch before it break 90cents. Unfortunately, I hv sold her and did not manage to buyback. Some still holding at 84cents. I bought at 84 cents but sold when it was hitting 90 cents. Now what? Wait for retracement or wait for another SEA ...

SEA-link : Now we are in the boat ... hold on to her and see how high. Perhaps someone mistaken Sealink with SEAL ... the hottest stock now?

SEAL : Time to sell ... to zoo? The chart showing it is extremely overbought and many still chasing it high.

Time to get back to work ... 1st July, a very busy day tho I no longer going to college!


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