Saturday, July 05, 2014

Being a trader ...

I m still in transition as I have left my full-time job ... and decided to focus in my tuition classes, trading in the morning.

Well, now I have more time to fetch my boy/girl. I do have time for breakfast with wife ... and time to rest, to catch up with some readings.

I am going to make myself free to meet more people from finance-investment line ... and hope I could find something I like ... I like trading, I like to know more about how market works, I want to learn more ... and in the quest of knowledge. I need to see how far I could go ... I like teaching, so teaching trading is something I will like to do, tho I am charging 'cheaply'.

What does it take to be a trader now?

Hmm ... good question that I have not really able to answer, being first week. I have over-traded(my brokers are happy) ... so, I need discipline, needing to plan while enjoying my flexibility.

CBIP : Trading using 20MA(weekly) for those who do not have time to watch market much, able to HOLD.

I have just updated this chart which I shared with my facebook 'Trading Adventure' group. It is for learning purposes ... and as the number of members grow, I will start to place R&R. It is NOT a forum for all to chat ... we have so many such forums(most of the chats are empty, without values) doing such, and I will want to make sure I have genuine followers who which to learn. Seriously, in 100 persons ... there will be 10 of them who are NOT good human(with bad intention or personal agenda), another 10 are cynical of your doings ... no matter how good you tried. Generally, I believe 80% of human are good people!!

I will have my next trading workshop next Saturday. Yes, I do not know how to 'package' it or promote it. There are many out there doing such ... 10% in three-days profit or how to make a million-dollar a year in trading. How to be be financially free ... come to our trading-course(which is only RM5k ... only for this week as normally we are charging RM25k) ... come and buy our proven software where trading made simple by checking on signals which generated from the softwares!! Incredible ... and so many will sign-up, paying thousands for the sure-win trading system.

It is easy to stir their GREED, especially they have been losing money in markets(80% of those out there still losing money).

It is not easy to tell them that ... emmm ... if it is so easy, why are they still working or promoting those softwares? If they are so good ... earning 10% in a week, WHY are they still working ... to teach trading?(by the way, most of trainers are employed and to promote products such as softwares). Why would they going for roadshows ..working at nights, having meetings for public(FREE) on Sat/Sun?

My capital was small ... RM10-RM20k from some borrowed money. That is how I started ... 5-6 years ago. I worked extremely hard ... learning to be a better trader, and to save as much as I could from my full-time job, my tuition classes  ... and created my trading group. Being frugal ... and I still am, I have enlarged my capitals ... and still working very hard.

Simple ... I do not believe in get-rich quick scheme. I do not believe most trainers. I learnt those trading systems, set-ups ... and try it out. I will then try to blend them into my personal trading system(s) ... and that is how I grow ... my capitals and knowledge.

Those who believe in short-cuts will not last. Those who think that trading is just as simple as being advertised are UN-realistic people. Those who believe in free-lunches ... will continue to wait for those days ... which in my belief ... un-real.

I am going to adjust to my new schedules ... and trading lives.

And I will continue to work hard, save as much as I could ... learn from everywhere, everyone ... while trying to help more of those in trading markets to understand. Yes, I prefer to help those humble newbies or novices.

got to go ...

Have a nice weekend.


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