Wednesday, July 02, 2014

3S : Silkhld, Sealink and SPSetia

Silkhld : I bought Silkhld after lunch yesterday when I saw it hit RM1.02 and came back to 0.985-0.99. So, I just grabbed as I am seeing a potential breakout. An hour later, it shot to RM1.10, so i still hold to it ... and if today is another white candlestick, I would have hold on ... but, I have to sell RM1.07-RM.108 after it lost some momentum. See if it will move back to RM1.03 support level ... will wait.

Sealink : Given last week to my stock watch, buying at 60cents level. I sold again today at 0.675, it hit the high at 69 today.

SPSetia : I want to write about SPSetia ... as I have written it earlier, asking my trading group to buy below RM3, today I sold and saying ... thanks. It is good to be contrarian ... most like Ecoworld while I tried to argue my point why I like SPSetia ... what's up PNB?

So, I sold my 3 "S" ... good trading day today too, being my 2nd day as trader. Must be beginner's luck?

I have started a trading group in facebook, look me out at :

It is only for learning/educational purposes. I hv posted few for past 1-2 weeks.


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