Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Press Metal : On the verge to breakout of the current resistance and into new high ... and PMetal-wc at RM2 now.

PMetal-wc : Missed this one at RM1.80, when I given to my trading group. Well ... I grabbed the ca, instead.

Eforce : On the verge to breakout too ... at 83cents now.

Seacera : Bought 84cents last Friday ... some followed and I sold 90cents yesterday. At 94 cents today. Next resistance at 98cents, so today is not a buy. Buying EForce to trade will be a better bet.

Affin : Collected below RM3.30 as technically it is so nice for technical rebound. So, I asked my stock-watch group to buy below RM3.30. But, I sold her just now RM3.38. thanks, Affin. Well, Friday was the last-day of trading Affin-OR. I do not buy OR as I am a trader. I used the right-issue news to trade, actually.

I do have few more stocks I am trading. Well, no longer working ... so, have more time to scan stocks and trade. So, quite glad with my new job as a trader!!

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Disclaimer : Trade at your own risk.


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