Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stocks (update)

It is Wednesday ... preparing for market to open, rather than rushing to office and classes.

Affin : I sold at RM3.38, bought at RM3.28 last week. Contra-trade. Check that RM3.39 is the 20MA resistance. I did not buyback as I sold her ... to move into 'small' counters such as ...

Eforce : Breakout seen in the morning when it moved above 82 cents. Buy on breakout ... a successful breakout here, closed at 87cents. I will still hold but check if many more jumping in ... 89cents or above will be a good profit to take.

PMetal : What a breakout ... share with my stock-watch group and telling them this is a nice chart ... very nice. So, been patiently wait for breakout ... many bought earlier at RM3.40-RM3.60 levels. Call it ascending-triangle or whatever u like ... read all you like when PMetal was written last weekend in media ... most important thing still is to take a trade, take the calculated risk ... and profit.

PMetal-ca  : A new call-warrant that I am trading, collected average 19cents. Some risk-takers followed me in this one.

Seacera : After released her on Monday at 90cents, I did not take the trade but moved to some others. This is not good for those chased yesterday. It hit 96.5cents, a good intraday players might profit for it but the selling seen before closing. It closed at 91.5 cents, and that is at immediate support. Another 3-candle-sticks will check if I will put in back into my trading list.

KLCI reaching NEW HIGH.    1892.33 

Congrats to Malaysia boleh-land ... we are heading to 1900 soon.

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Have a nice trading day ahead.


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