Thursday, June 05, 2014

Stock Watch : IJMPlant(wa)

IJMPlant : If you could see the HUGE volume I highlighted there ... that is a BUY point. It was around RM3.30. At the moment, it is above RM3.80. Using simple technical charting, buying and riding in the trend.

IJMPlat-wa : While I have sold around 80plus cents, I did not monitor her ... and now above RM1. Those who could take the risk, trading warrants could give us higher leverage. Do note that its expiry is end of year ... so, it will move in tandem to the mommy, IJMPlant.

I have created a 'open' page using FB. Do not need to add me as friends. Just request 'join' and maybe I will just add ...

It is free ... and I will do my promotion(of my stock-watch and trading workshop) there. I will also giving a platform for newbies(especially total new ones who need guidance).

Time to go ...


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