Thursday, June 19, 2014

Penny Stocks Rally

OpenSys : We discussed about it before it broken 20cents, as 24cents was its IPO price. Once broken 24cents, no looking back. At 40cents now, overbought as many more chasing ...

Oversea : Breakout yesterday ... use 26cents as support. Short-term trading, ride on it.

SMRT : Another hot-stocks chased by retailers ... some believing it to be next Presbhd. I have sold the 'wa' ... as the chart stating that SMRT is hitting its resistance 0.725. So, a healthy pull-back shall give us another trade. Watch for breakout. Otherwise, no trade on her for me.

There are many more ... MAS is one great flight to show Malaysia-Boleh spirit. No system, but boleh spirit.


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