Saturday, June 21, 2014

Market Talks and Seminars

Good morning ... I am attending another market talk, my legs not so well ... but that would not stop me from ... going for market-talks.

I will be attending more workshops, training ... talks, seminars ... anything related to stock-market trading. Yes ... by not 'working', learning to trade (back to school) is what I am doing at the moment. I will take 1-2 years to learn as much new techniques, set-ups and more. It is ever learning for me as I am still at novice level.

Yes, I repeat here ... I am at novice level as I am only in markets for 6 years ... and only learning to use charts merely 2-3 years ago. But, I do know that I am an advance novice as I am passionate to learn .... also,

TMS : Goreng to 20cents ... now hanging at 5-6 cents. It is interesting that how some could profit so hugely ... by goreng stocks, but it is for syndicates to goreng. We could only follow ... if we do not know how, then it is the best to AVOID such counters. I have said many of times ... newbies and novices should avoid such stocks.

Sersol : Goreng to RM1 ... at 35 cents level now. Yes, some punters will get excited punting it. And many more jumped but get stuck.

Cohort-12 : I am planning for my next trading workshop (cohort-12) next month. Those interested, do contact me at

One may join me at

Have a nice weekend


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