Monday, June 09, 2014

Leaving the E ... easier said than done.

Good morning ... it is a school holiday for my kids. I m glad I am 'not working' ... actually, I am ... but just that I no longer rushing to college as I used to be for past ... err ... 20 years plus? Oh yes, I remembered I do walk to school when I was with Sinaran Institute(previous one) as I rented a house nearby(near Likas). Sinaran shifted to Menggatal(not itchy, actually) ... and I shifted home to KL ...

As I am missing Sabah, the nice place to stay ... but I forced myself to be back to KL, as I was totally broke($$$) and with two young babies then ... life was such a struggle. In huge debt after marriage, failed in JV with ex-colleagues in Keropok-biz, I was entering KLSE ... that was end of 2007.

This picture of Karambunai beach was taken last week when one of my ex-Sinaran students(graduated) went there. Nice ...

This is a sunset in Sabah ... an ex-bowling kaki of mine(CPS) taken this days ago ... great pix.

So, I saved both pictures ... and remind myself that ... once I am done with my tuition centers, I will like to retire ... back to KK. I do still have a small beach apartment at Melinsung(Papar)

Ok ... back to some financial matters.

I had a meeting with some of my colleagues ... well, I m leaving the current college(Taylor's) and I was hoping to keep in touch with some of colleagues who are 'closer to me'. I invited about 20 of them ... and guess it right, only 4 came for my financial briefing!!

Yes, I was sharing with them how I struggled ... failed so many times, taking so much of risk ... and planed, with strong determination, to achieve my goal. Yes, to LEAVE the E-quadrant ... my full-time employment job.

My salary

Teaching in college is NOT lucrative ... when I was with Sinaran, my salary was merely RM3,200 per month. With increment about RM100 per month, it doesnt look that I am going to get out of debt OR certainly will have to teach there till my retiring age, 60. Even that, I will never be able to be financially at ease ... never!! Taylor is paying me better ... agreed at RM4200 for my initial pay, I flew back for interview and easily grabbed the post. Just disappointed that I did not get my expected salary of RM4, 500. As I do not have 'Master", I was placed under a category as all new lecturers, just the highest level. My pay is around RM5k ... and reaching the ceiling soon. With 5% increment, it is one of the better pay college. But the demand of the job is great ... the stress could be tremendous. Still new-comers will only get RM2, 200 level. Hmm ...

Leaving E

So ... I have planned to leave the E-quadrant. I do not like to leave my students 'half-way'. So, I chose this semester as 4 of my batch of students went for final exams. Just another one left, but they are the sponsored students, smart and I m not so worry ... they will score with or without me, anyway.

Without the E ... one will feel ... hmm ... odd. I am lost of time ... didnt realise that today is supposed to be Monday?

How do I plan ... when I was still 'naive' in markets 5 years ago? I just simply 'never give up' and continue to learn. I started this blog in 2008, Aug. If u r new, u may re-read my boring posts ... 2800 of them. This is post #2801, actually.

I am sure those successfully left their E-quadrant could tell me about their experiences. Many of them will venture into biz ... yes, the B-quadrant. Again, it is easier said than done ... the capitals needed, the experiences, our partners ... and more headache to consider. I m experiencing that NOW ... with my new tuition centers. It is difficult dealing with other humans. But, I am learning to be ... emm ... social-friendly(of coz I am not ... low EQ person here).

From a person who is very alone and closed, I have forced myself to 'mix' with other humans. Of coz it is such a great challenge doing something not our nature or something we are not comfortable.

But ... it is a must for me to increase my EQ ... and thicken my face(haha).

Got to go ... to be continued(may be)


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