Monday, June 16, 2014

Kedai Satu Ringgit

GPharos : Dont know why a sudden gap-up ... and now with volumes!! Un-discovered gem, I guess. hitting RM1 and with such candle-stick now, it is NOT to chase for me. Watching how they going to goreng her ... so, I added her into my list recently.

GOB : This is ex-equine ... not good fundamentals, but has improved. Mind you, it was at around RM5 plus before 2008 crash ... now, they are a hot-stock again as they are talking about Penang-Second bridge and IKEA ... can be traded, as it is sitting at 20MA now ... target RM1.06 and 1.17

Malton : Being mentioned as RHB-OSK's jewel last year with target RM1.80 ... but not materialised. In fact, it has been taken out from the latest jewel-list. No more glittering ... one of the Penang-Second bridge play by analysts. Will it be in play again after consolidating for some time now? Resistance at high RM1.12 above ... support at 98cents. Buy around 98cents and see if it could rebound from here?

SilkHolding : In news ... into O&G? The highway not making money? Why many moving into property or O&G?

I still have Sendai and few more in my RM1 list ... need to go to fetch my girl from kinder now, then lunch with family before I go for my tuition classes in noon (3pm to 7pm).


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