Monday, June 02, 2014

Facebook : Friends and Groups

I have been 'busy' deleting those in my FB friends list ... trimmed from 1700 + to 1200 + ... deleted 500 in a week. Those are in my stage 1 --- I can't remember who they are, don't know why they are in my friends list and such.

I am going for stage-2 deleting mode this coming 1-2 weeks ... those whom I used to know, but did not contact for very long (2-3 years). I will drop them a "hi ... how are you?" ... and if no response, I will delete them. Lots of work ... clearing of the dust.

I do have a FB's trading group ... it has been dormant and with only 200plus members there. Well, I deleted ALL of them and closed it. Then, I re-created an open FB page ... named it "CP's Trading Adventure" ... it is to be in touch with my blog readers, sharing with them what I read ... books, magz, articles ... or youtube clips that we could share to discuss. It is more of a learning platform for all ...including the novice me. I will make sure that noises like most forums will NOT be there. So, I will actively manage it ... oh yes, it is not stock-picking page, no so called tips. It is INFO sharing ... example : which brokers giving good rates, their platforms ... offers ... etc etc. Or info about changes in Bursa's policies ... or those RHB's Jewel list ... something like that. Dont  know la ... for education purposes, if I could help some newbies ... why not?

Click on the link ... and you are welcome as 'followers'.

Thanks and night ...


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