Monday, June 23, 2014

Book recommendation : Small Change

Monday morning ... a good weekend for me, and now to start a week. Yes, slowly getting used to new schedules ... no longer rushing to office in the morning but at home, setting up my trading platform and spaces. It is almost 8 am now ...

I attended a market-talk on Saturday. It was good as I do learn something 'new' ... yes, I always able to learn something by attending these talks. I do hope to attend more market-talks and learn more ... verifying my trading systems. As I was listening to 'breakout' play, I do think I m getting a little more details to add in some breakout-play I have been trading. It will add in slight edge ... perhaps another 2%? Trading is about 'probabilities' ... and planning.

I am still more comfortable trading against the trend ... catching knives and buying into good stocks!! For example, I like glove-counters at the moment as most of glove-stocks in strong down trend!! I called it 'technical-rebound' play. I have been doing well in technical-rebound rather than breakout? Will further improve in both ... and then, see me do better in coming months!!

Ok ... I am slowly moving into my facebook group and sharing with my readers. One of the thing I shared last night was my latest book I am reading.

Simple reading book, written by a Sporean ... but it carries lots of weight in feeding our investing mindset. So, it is worth every ringgit (RM30 plus only). I will slowly share more of books I read or reading, articles ... the 'learning corner' where I share my opinions on what some newbies need to know and such.

One needs to have a facebook account. If u dont know how, do ask your kids or younger ones to help you to open one. It is free, by the way.

Yes ... slowly ... I will be more interested to cater for smaller groups of genuine readers. Hopefully, I could contribute in a small manner, helping newbies to have a head-start in trading and investing. I have went through that stage about 5-6 years ago ... it is still fresh in my mind how I struggled and lost many of times. I have failed in many times ... back-testing many trading strategies and re-fining the trading set-up. Nothing comes easy ... but we must persevere.

Just hope to provide a platform ... in helping newbies.

Oh yes, I do not get paid by recommending any books here or sites. In case, some not-so-good-human around think I am doing it to benefit myself, monetary-sense. Hmm ...

Have a day ahead.


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