Saturday, May 24, 2014

We are in the final

Malaysia beat Indonesia tonight ... 3 - 0 ... and what a great feeling. I was at mamak-stalls watching the game, with majority sitting there watching were Malays. We shouted and supported our team ... MALAYSIA.

The players are Chinese ... Rashid was there. Many Malaysia's supporters in the stadium are Malays, holding proudly our national flag. We are together as one --- for the love of our country, in the name of sports. It unites us all ... as we are all MALAYSIANS. We all do not see colours of our skins or speak about our religions. We are truly simple Malaysians who supported out country, our team.

I was so glad when Japan beat China. You see, I am not a Chinese ... I am a Malaysian first. So, when China lost ... I was delighted, hoping Malaysia will be able to beat Indonesia. Our boys did just that ... and we won.

Note : I bought many sets of the above set of stamps. A special issue --- the last time we won the Thomas Cup. 1992.

The Sidik brothers ... Foo Kok Keong, Cheah Soon Kit, Soo Beng Kiang and Kwan Yoke Meng.

Great memories ... bring it back, boys!!

Congrats to our team and all the best on Sunday.


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