Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Waterfalls to watch

Affin : Has been dropping and ... at new low. Right-issues( 3:10) to buy Hwang? Why is it dropping? Hmm ...

Read the recent announcement in bursa-site.

Airport : RM7.90 resistance ... why is it dropping? due to the delay? AirAsia ... after merajuk, agreed to move to KLIA2. The 'safety' is questionable, posted all over social-media.

Armada : Diving sharply down ... and I bought it. Phew ... luckily it shown long-tail hammer ... reversal is possible today. Sell RM3.85 level.

This is the quarter-report of Armada ... ok ma, still got profits. Unless AK selling?

Maxis : Why is there a drop here? Is it because it is also AK's counter? Today should be the ex-div date ... dont know why huge selling yesterday, I just grabbed it. Heard someone mentioned about changes in their dividend policies ... and investors afraid that their dividend payout may not be as good? Hmm ... don't think much, buy first ... take the dividends, talk later.

Cohort 12 : well, I have been too busy to answer some of the e-mail regarding my next trading workshop. I have created a KIV-page. Those interested, let me know ... as I still need time to plan.

e-mail to :

Time to go ... off


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