Thursday, May 22, 2014

Today's trade : Lucky day

AirAsia : It is a SELL call at RM2.55 today to my stock-watch group as entry was given at RM2.20. Well, whoever chasing high today at RM2.55 are exposed to such high risk.

Yinson : It's -OR trading the third day, flying up ... and high volume shown yesterday. So, this morning I just grabbed around RM4.90. What a jump!! I sold RM4.98 hours later. It closed so strong at RM5.10. wow.

PetDag : Sold RM23.90 and RM23.92 ... a member able to sell at RM24(wow ... that is the top leh). Then, it dived again ... grabbed back.

Ecoworld : Finally moved ... and very fierce. Sold part and will sell all RM 5.40. Thanks

Menang : With such a name, one would not lose. grabbed morning at RM1.02-RM1.03 and added RM1.05, but due to busy day ... I parked to sell RM1.06 and it was done.

Airport : Sold RM7.56 done ... thanks.

Nice trading day ... my lucky day tho I was busy with Rentokil-man, invigilation, tuition and discussion with my partner.



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