Sunday, May 18, 2014

Unit Trust agent

Good morning ... nice to know it is Sunday today. I do still have a tuition class today. Normally I will try not to have classes on Sundays but next is going on, and it will be 'temporary'.

Received a parcel yesterday ... yes, I will be taking this exam next month. I will be UT agent!! Yeah ... well, those who wish to know more about investment in Unit Trust and also using EPF to invest could contact me.

As after July, I will be 'jobless', this agent-licence will give me an alternative to earn 'extra'. Will see if I could learn some 'sales' skills ... which not in me. Yeah ... I am just a teacher, I do not know how to sell myself ... but, I will learn?

Wish me luck ... haha.

Have a nice Sunday.


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