Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stock Watch : PetDag

PetDag ... a no-brainer for anyone to grab ... during cheap sales.

Alerted to my group ... to buy below RM24, in fact some bought at RM23.50 and below. Today, it moved above RM24.

At the moment, it hit high RM24.78 ... at RM24.50. Can still buy ... but RM1 dearer ...

To break the retailers-mentality of RM23 plus counter is 'expensive' could be challenging as many prefer Rm2.30 or better ... 23cents counters. Hmm ... I don't know, i do know that RM23 or RM2.30 is relative ... unless the 23cents counter goreng-ing up due to some goreng-news.

Do the Math.


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