Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Blues ...

EPL is over .. Man-Blue is giving me the blue ... otherwise, Monday should be a good day for traders like me. After doing 'homework' over the weekend, we will anticipate market to re-open ... so, Monday is good.

Cuscapi : Managed to sell during opening 40.5-41cents as it was written in The Star paper over the weekend. Well, I grabbed 38cents last week.

Presbhd : Dropping further another 4% to support 1.74 now ... buying. I sold it before ex-bonus ... phew. Opportunity to buyback ...

Ecoworld done a stunt today ... hit RM4.98 and then dived back to RM4.68 ... wow, 30cents spread. A good counter to day-trade.

Brahims : With VMY2014 tak jadi ... and un-solved MH370 case ... I won't touch her. Support RM2.04 here ... now at 2.08, dropping about 5%. wow.

AirAsia was at support RM2.20 ... so, it shown rebound today ... could it sustains and shoot above RM2.30?

KLCI is red ... FKLI is green. Don't really understand Malaysia-boleh indices.

My daily schedules will change ... so, I will able to find more time to blog since I 'dropped' my full-time job.


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