Monday, May 05, 2014

Making Decisions

We all make decisions in daily basis ... it could be well-thought, well-planned ... longer period time frame ... longer term goals. Along the way, we have some short-term decisions in order to see that we are leading to the path we wanted to go ... but things may not be as planned. So, many more short-term spontaneous decisions ... in solving some issues or problems.

Then ... we reflecting on what we have done ... and make more decisions, to change our previous decisions made ... and that is how we constantly review on our performances ... checking that we are on track.

New environment ... to be explored. To challenge us with new experiences, new ventures ... and we make bold decisions ... over-coming our fear ... and move on with the decisions we made ...

We will never be ready ... so, we take a plunge ... and work the best out of the situation. We may face some difficult moments ... many of negative humans will try to shake you from your path ... but once you have made a decision ... stay focus.


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