Monday, May 12, 2014

Liverpool is #2

It has been a great season ... the 'slip' against Chelsea at Anfield was the painful turning. They needed a DRAW and to win the remaining two games ... and they will be 'untouchable' ... then, slipped further with a THREE goal advantage ... they lost 2 points there. Trailing by a goal in first half, they managed to crawl back ... to win vs Newcastle ... 2 -1 but it is too late as ManCity has won. Congrats to City.

The amazing climb by Liverpool in 2014 was fantastic ... the triple S are awesome to watch, and with Coutinho ... they are very young striking force!! They best around ... so, now they need a strong midfielder to replace Lucas, while Gerrard will be sitting more at the back.

Their weakness is obvious ... the defence. Terrible ... to concede 'easy goals' and lacking in height/pace/strength. Carra is sorely missed here. I remembered Finnan, Risse ... Carra and Hyppia. Those was one of the best defence formation of recent Liverpool.

BR is doing good ... given time(and money), he should bring Liverpool back to the glory days.



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