Sunday, May 04, 2014

Leaving E ... going into B

Today I have 2 tuition classes ... more classes as exams is nearing the corner. I could be very tired ... but just tahan a few more weeks. Students are nervous with their exams too. So, many of lecturers working extra-time ... and giving us extra income. This is the peak season ... and June onwards, I will be able to slow down a little ... to watch World cup. Hopefully.

Many things still in mind as I m freeing myself from full-time employment. We be missing many colleagues who have been so supportive(while covering for me) as I was too busy with personal works --- trading. Will going to miss my students ... but only one more batch left. They are bright scholars and should be doing good even without me teaching them. yeah ... I have told them where to look for me if they ever need my help.

I will be focusing in my tuition centers. I have to manage it well and grow it ... I need to get the licensing done as soon ... and start to advertise on media. I named it A-Star Tuition Center. It is located near Taylor/Inti ... and should be strategically located. That is a tuition center for A Level.

Cambridge A-Level exams for all subjects available. I will be teaching Further Math and have started 2 batch of students ... and will be going for third batch in June. We have one of the best lecturers around for ALL the subjects ... that is something I am proud of as I managed to 'convince' these colleagues of mine to teach in my center!! It was not easy ... it took me 2years plus before finally I managed to set up this center ... and getting my colleagues to 'help' me. They are most sought after tutors for A level. So, it is easier for me to promote as most students knew them too. Yes, I am promoting myself as FM tutor too.

One of my blog reader e-mail me ... hearing that I do give Further Math tuition. His son is taking tuition with me now. So, blog is a good way to promote my tuition classes ... and my trading workshops(planning end of May).

I have quitted my full-time job ... and will be 'free' July. Tuition biz will be my focus and will be writing more on it ...

Those who have kids doing A level, or knew of anyone's kids needing tuition for A level, do contact me at

visit my facebook page (I know it is still empty, but will place some focus in improving it)

Do like the page. thanks.

So ... I will be busy with doing my own biz ... it is a great feeling, actually. But ... I am still sad ... as many in colleges who highly respecting me will be missing my presence. I have promised to keep in touch with them ... for math ... motivation ... or stock-markets.

So ... where am I now?

This is what I read about about 10 years ago ... I was still in Sabah, earning less than RM4k with minimal tuition classes. I have credit-card debt, I hv to borrow money from my mom/aunt ... for marriage and first baby. I was being 'looked down' ... as I started my keropok biz with two friends and failed. I was totally broke ... I hardly afford to pay my Kancil car's loan. Pathetic.

I was trying to move from "E" to "B". It is easier said than done ... so, ok ... I failed. That was 7-8 years ago.

I came into KLSE in begin of 2008 ... borrow some money as capital ... and 2008 market dived. It has been very cruel to me ... painfully, I grew stronger with THAT diagram in head. I took more loans to re-start ... and in 2009, market recovered well.

I am inside "I" now ... and "S" is always with me ... giving tuition!! Side-income ... which is more than my full time job, actually.

The decision to move back to KL was right ... as my drive to do well, financially, for my family's sake is VERY strong. I might struggle ... but I never give up.

Income increased from "I" ... "S" increased much more ... "I" doing very well ... and now, I m left with "B" to explore. I can't have the time/energy to have ALL the quadrants ... so, I know I have to leave the "E" ... that was my goal when I started.

Finally ... in less than 2 months, I will be leaving "E" after 20plus years of passionate in teaching ... but, I will still continue to teach(giving tuition) and to keep my passion in teaching Math alive.

As I will be 'free' after July, I am opening myself to opportunities for JV or any way I could work together(win-win) and giving me passive income. I am glad I met a lady today who is very interested to work with me ... will share more on that once I hv finalised on the details.

I will enlarge my "I" quadrant ... while saving my money in ASB(best rate). When market crash, I will be glad to withdraw all my savings and more ... take a plunge and wait. I am preparing for it and 2014 will not be a year where market will crash. This year should be a bull ... and buying will be in mind.

Today, I do not have credit-card loans ... I do not have personal loans. Today, I hv more than enough to save ... and save ... and save!! And patient wait ...

I am glad I hv changed so much of my personal mindset. Without that HUGE changes, I will still be in "E" ... but as I am venturing into "B", I will face more obstacles, more failure ... frustrations ... more not-good human envying ... and might indirectly creating more enemy?!

I never want to make enemy ... as what a successful biz-man has quoted " Make your enemy your strength in your biz".

A new adventure begins ...


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