Thursday, May 01, 2014

In investing ... start young

If you are in early 20s and reading these lines or articles, take action ... start early and you should do well financially comparing to majority of those around you.

If you are in your 40s ... like me, then ... work extremely hard ... making sure you are NOT normal ... change your whole normal mindset, and it takes time to change that. Be diligent. Be brave to go against the crowds ... work hard to EARN ... SAVE as much as you could, pay off your debts. Do not buy these-that ... save save and save. Then, start to learn to INVEST and TRADE. After years of doing that, you will be financially better off than you was ... emm ... 5years ago? Then, continue to be wiser ... stay simple, frugal ... and be brave to take it to next level. And grow ... I am talking about myself...

How I do wish I know a little about money ... about personal finances etc etc. I started when I was 40 yrs old. With zero knowledge, with huge debts ... low income ... and extremely tight financial situation. That was about 8 years ago ... I struggled ... making ends meet ... and while I would say, it is painful, difficult ... and not for all, I made it thru somehow.

I have not looked back then ... with debt cleared, income increased ... saving increasing too ... knowledge about financial increases ... and learning skills to do biz, it is a long way to go for me to achieve financial independence. I am not aiming to be rich or millionaire ... or what-have-you, I just want to provide a 'better' lives for my family. I want to contribute to society, and making my life meaningful. To know that I have helped many(my students and trading groups), I am very satisfied ... and that is the satisfaction of what a teacher will feel.

I always read good motivational books ... good financial books (the latest book by Peter Yee is simple reading and very good for beginner). It was an honour being interviewed by a popular author, Alan Tan ... in his latest book on KLSE.  I am making sure I do not sway away from my financial goals ... so that, whatever foundation I have placed for the past 8 years will not go into waste!!

1. EARN : continue to increase that

2. SAVE : as much as possible

3. INVEST : learn about different instruments available. WAIT for opportunities. Invest.

And use your time to LEARN more about finances ... especially if you are of science background, like me. We hv the disadvantage.

I do have tuition classes since 8am. Today is a labour day.

Have a day off.


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