Saturday, May 10, 2014

Change is the only constant

It has a 'comfortable' 20 plus years being in teaching line, teaching A-level/STPM/SAM students ... and now, moving out of the employment (E quadrant) ... making me feel 'uncomfortable'. Yes ... moving out of our comfort zone ... we will feel insecure ...

What "E" could provide me? 

Well ... being an employee ... a teacher/lecturer of  private colleges (was with Stamford, Inti KK, Sinaran and now Taylor's) ... we have a FIXED salary. While the salary is 'low' comparing with many other lines, teachers normally will need to find part-time job ... giving tuition. Some colleagues of mine selling UT or involved in some direct-selling. As I love my teaching, I certainly liking to give tuition as my part-time income. 

Taking the salary + tuition, the income is quite decent. 

We do have yearly increment ... but very minimal. It won't really able to catch with higher cost of living(inflation). With my salary hitting the ceiling soon(my category ... B.Sc without Master), I may not get anymore increment in years to come unless I get a 'promotion'. I am a person who does not believe in "promotion" as it meant getting Masters and doing more paper-works etc etc ... which will be taking away my real passion ... teaching. So, over the years of teaching, I am never being promoted. I will tell the management directly to leave me alone, I want to teach. Nothing much. 

Being an employee, we will be given "EPF". This is another important point WHY majority wanting to remain as employee ... so that we could get about 20% of our salary in our 'saving for old age' account. EPF rates of 5-6% is deemed as good, if not very good. 

E = Employee ... a person who work for a company. It is NOT their company, but they work hard, hoping to get promotion, increment ... and bonus., 

Yes, BONUS. 

At year end, every lecturer(most of them, at least) hoping to get bonuses. One month? 2 months? At most 3 months? By the way, I do not get bonuses for YEARS in Stamford(de-listed, losing money company tho the are pioneer) ... no bonuses with INTI too(taken private by an US education group) ... and a profiting company, Taylor's giving the 'best' bonuses among all. 

Medical expenses ... another cost which employees will be glad to be borne by the company.  

These are few incentives for us to stay being employed ... in my case, being a Math teacher for past 20 years. The 'comfort' of knowing that my minimum salary will be there, the EPF for my retirement ... the medical expenses covered and year-end bonus.

Nothing could beat the joy I have ... loving Math and loving to teach. Teaching Math becoming so natural to me that I do not feel that I am working ... for past years. I never really feel 'drag' to college ... so, I am paid to do something I love. That is the beauty.

But now ... I am changing that 'comfort' ... and being human, we will be kinda 'nervous'. I have not really get over my sadness of leaving education line. Someone consoled me that I have not left education world in total ... as I am still giving tuition. I am still teaching trading. I am still writing this blog to share ... and perhaps, could be motivating enough to teach a newbie/reader to be inspired to do something good with his/her lives. So, the indirect 'teaching' ... not in the sense of classroom teaching. 

Seriously, I have never knew how far I could go ... and I just kept moving. I just keep working hard, learning more about personal finances ... getting to know more people with like-mindset ... and continue to learn. I have came from ground-zero ... and I do know it is not easy. 

Perhaps ... there is something out there 'better' for me. I could never know if I didnt give it a try?

Life is a constant change ...

Have a nice weekend and Happy Mother's day to all wonderful moms.


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