Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Aviation : A risky sector to invest

MAS reported yet another BAD results ... well, it is a norm for this public-listed company.

MAS ... they can blame it on AirAsia. Perhaps, put the blame on recent MH370 crisis ... or, perhaps can blame it on the rain?

Some ministers came out to shout that the gov not going to bail them out this time. Hmm ... I do wonder what is the drama now. The CEO who supposed to step down ... still hanging dearly to his position? Bring back Jala to give them the net?

It dived to 15 cents yesterday ... I bought at 15 cents. Interesting ... I sold 16.5 cents today.

I am not sure if that will benefit AirAsia ... but AirAsia bottom out from strong support at RM 2.20, which I posted to my stock-watch group(I bought AA call warrant instead). Some members bought RM2.20 ... but those punting-kaki followed the CW.

Today, I was very busy ... but managed to glance at Airport. It is collapsing. What is going on in KLIA2? The over-valued cost ... RM4bil? Oversold ... so, I grabbed.

The one that doing well today is AAX ... yeah, memang boleh. Bad reports will can shoot so high. Distributions?

Brahims ... the naked nasi-lemak provider is falling too ... if MAS is to go bankrupt, who will be buying their over-charged naked nasi-lemak, right? They need huge sucker like MAS ...

as only in MAS ... we do not follow system. Mana Ada Sistem ...

oh yes, I could think of another scapegoat ... Malindo. No no ... blame it on Ukraine-crisis. Hmm ... whatever ... I shared with my group last Sunday Night about MAS vs AirAsia.

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