Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Aviation II : Trading Idea

This sector is in play at the moment ... plenty of news about MAS ... some potholes news on Airports ... the 'merajuk' AirAsia shifted to KLIA2, anyway ... CF given, so should be FIT? Hmm ... this Malaysia-boleh 'low cost' airport costing so much of delayed and the cost ballooned(doubled!!) ... and I read that it is a 'shopping haven' for branded items. Welcome to Malaysia ... low-cost Airport.

Airasia rebounded from RM2.20 ... this is a weekly chart of AirAsia. Immediate resistance at RM2.40, so for those bought at RM2.20, I see it as time to take profit. Next resistance at RM2.55 ... sell around RM2.49.

AirAsia-c11 : This is the call-warrant I bought and few punters followed. I bought 'small' but managed to sell at 15cents. It hit 16cents. I told the group I will sell 15cents, and even told some during my e-meeting last night that I am selling at 15cents. It was done moments ago. Premium around 5% and long expiry, actively traded ... if we are confident that the mommy AirAsia will take off ... we could leverage on the CWs.

Note : Call warrants trading carry very high risk. Do not touch if you are newbies in markets.

MAS hitting 17.5 cents today ... suddenly the rumours of privatization (by Syed again??) is spreading around. Why would anyone buy losing-money company? Well ... remembering Proton? It shot up so high .... taken by Syed. So ... he is buying Malaysia's assets ... great biz-man.

Previously known as MAHB ... private placement RM7.90?

Airport : I bought yesterday at RM7.42 first ... then bought more at RM7.20, RM7.30 ... sold my RM7.20-7.30 portions at RM7.39, it went to RM7.40. This morning, I sold my RM7.42 portion at RM7.47 ... and might be buying back.

DOW dropped 130 points ... I am wearing 'pink' but FKLI in green ... I shorted it and waiting for it to drop but KLCI memang boleh, cheapest around, I guess.

I will reply to some e-mail I received yesterday regarding joining my trading group. Thanks.

Time to read ... for my UT exams.

Note : Thanks to a read who e-mail me the data/statistics and shown me performances of UT in Malaysia. He is into UT selling too ... well, tho I believe we all should manage our own money, rather than paying fees to UT agents and management fees ... there are still many out there who prefer their money is in safe platform ... thru UT.

Have a nice Wednesday.


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