Monday, April 28, 2014

Success Habits

10 Surprising Things Financially Successful People Do Differently

The financially successful often get a bad rap in our society, especially from the poor. We see footage of Donald Trump on TV, or watch movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street” and think being financially successful means living a gluttonous life of excess at the expense of the impoverished. This may be true for a few, but for many financially successful people, their success is only part of the story.

What we don’t see is the passion, hard work, mistakes, thrift and plain old smarts that went into creating the lifestyles of the rich. The media didn't follow them around with cameras when they were living in cars, working in diners, or recovering from debilitating addictions, before they achieved their financial success.

The good news is babies aren't born with millions of dollars in their bank accounts, and everyone has the ability to become financially successful. As Wallace D. Wattles put it,

Talented people get rich, and blockheads get rich; intellectually brilliant people get rich, and very stupid people get rich; physically strong people get rich, and weak and sickly people get rich.”

Here are 10 surprising things financially successful people do differently

1. They surround themselves with positive people and do not waste time on negativity.

It is interesting to note that 67% of wealthy people watch one hour or less of TV every day, and only 6% watch reality shows.

TEH : Agreed ... I do not talk to majority ... especially those who like to complain ... or wasting time watching video-clips/TV. I knew that 8yrs ago ... and have stopped watching TV all together. It is very difficult to get me to watch a movie ... but I hv forced myself to borrow some DVDs to watch ... once in a while. I do allow myself 2hours of Liverpool's game once a week, nothing more than that. It is a waste of time.

2. They make sacrifices at first.

The financially successful will accept a reduction in income, drive a cheap used car, and downsize their house when they’re first starting out. They then take the money they save and invest it or re-invest it in something that will make them more money down the road. Sometimes, wealthy people choose to live frugally their whole lives. Warren Buffett is known for driving his car until it looks so disreputable that his employees pressure him into buying a new one.

TEH : I am still driving Proton, riding second-hand kapcai, living in a medium-low cost apartment. I place all my money into savings in ASB and into trading accounts for investments. I will remind myself to be as frugal ... also, never to follow the majority Jones. Live way below our means.

to be continued ... IF I could find little time(and lots of effort)


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