Monday, April 21, 2014

Stock Watch : MyEg

This is MyEg ... given when it DIVED ... with very huge volume(due to bad-news spreading that they didnt get the GST??) ... so, I bought in huge position but sold before it hit Rm2.66 resistance. Now, the next resistance is RM2.75 ... to me is a SELL if you bought at RM2.40plus level, where many of those in my trading group followed.

Well, I sold to buy something else ... and bought it huge too.

FPI : Bought at 0.90 support level(the red line is 20MA), rebounded to 0.955, closing price. SELL if reaching RM1 again. This was given in the morning ... very red tho KLCI very green.

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cohort-12 of trading workshop : I will only be able to be a bit free by end of MAY ... I do have 3 KIV now. So, I will have to plan for that end of this month. Those interested to learn simple charting(for cheap fees), do contact me for more info.



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