Thursday, April 24, 2014

Momentum Trading

This Friday night ... we will have a meeting, to share about the art of 'momentum trading'. It is to learn how to trade short-term stocks ... with high volumes and momentum.

Recently I tried with 3A, where I bought at 0.905 and 0.92 ... but sold 0.94, for a short intra-day trade. Another one was Malton. Many more in such cases where it shooting very sharply higher ...

Few more in mind such as Alam ... or Muda(yesterday). That is short term trading ... in fast, out fast. Check Faber ... these are great for short-term momentum traders. I will want to learn ... as by July, I will not be in full-time employment. Yes, resigning my full-time job ... to focus in my trading group , my own trading and my tuition-center/classes.

Faber : What a great 3-days for 15%

Muda : Shot up high again ... yesterday and today ... 2-days is 15%.

GOB : Shot up above RM1 easily ... 20% in days?

DSonic is another very good example how they goreng this KLSE's darling counter.

So, I am going to learn these skills ...


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