Monday, April 14, 2014

Market Talk : Trading Futures

Monday ... 5.50pm. Short day-trading on Myeg and Unisem were ok ... but DSonic-ca is an ouch. See how my PJDev will work tmr ... and might sell off Fajar(bought last week at 0.62).

I am stranded after class ... as it is raining. Yeah ... dis-advantage of riding bike. I shall wait for a while ... and do hope to be back home ...

FCPO jumped up today, carving a smile in me ... after the sweet victory by Liverpool. I still hv a long at 2606, now about 50points in profit ... but paper-gain is not gain to me. I should know ... FCPO is very volatile. One can lose all and more the next moment. Same as Liverpool ... they are leading but not a champ just yet  ... another important game vs Chelsea. Winning all the remaining games, that is superb showing ... after 10 consecutive wins.

So, never count our chickens before hatch ...

I will post MyEg chart ... what a dive. No thanks to the 'news' that they won't be getting the GST. Well, it was strong uptrend ... anticipating good news about GST ... no need to ask about valuations ... they keep pushing it up for retailers to fall in love ... one day, it will dive, anyway.

Property in play ... checking E&O ... wow.

other than that ... I have sold most of my holdings. Too bad, some still moving higher in spite of DOW correcting sharply. KLCI really tahan well ... but I am still short term bearish. Will wish for it to dive to 1820 level, at least ... to do some shopping again.

Will also write about 8-13 system the speaker shared yesterday.

Time to go home ... off


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