Monday, April 21, 2014

KLCI bullish day

It is Monday ... I am glad that Liverpool won their last night game. Three more games to go ... and need to focus on that.

KLCI up 10 points ... now we are at 1860 level ... and if we see 1870, we can dream of new high? I am going to do short-term trading only. Dislike the craziness in markets ...

AFFIN : I am still watching Affin ... right-issue(due to Hwang purchase, I think). This is the weekly chart. While KLCI is bullish ... Affin is moving the other direction and at support now. Daily chart showing oversold ... so, at current RM3.80 is a good level to buy.

If it dives lower, breaking RM3.72, that will be our cut-loss level.

Bursa : Bottom was at RM7.40, at RM7.64 at the moment ... can BUY with cut-loss if below RM7.57. Good chart ... recovering seen. Reported increase in profits. Bursa is one sure-win counter to hold ... as it is cash-rich, and we all traders/investors have to benefit them. One of the counter recommended for buy-hold ... so, if market collapse ... buy the tai-kor ... 1818 ... Bursa.

I bought the "C" ... not CIMB ... but Cuscapi(and wa) today for short-punt. Sell at 44-45 resistance.

FPI : Today, FPI dived back to 90cents, the support ... so, I grabbed FPI. I have bought before ex-div, and sold.

got to run again


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