Tuesday, April 22, 2014

KLCI at 1866 .. reaching high soon?

5.30 pm : What a long day so far ... had classes since morning 10am, and another to go from 8pm to 10pm. So, I do need to rest ...

MyEg hitting RM2.80 ... incredible recovery? Well, when u heard bad-news about GST and if u know how to see simple charts, u will know that it is  buy during that panic-selling level aroud RM2.40. Today, I wont chase ...

I bought 3A instead during morning at 90.5 and 92cents ... I posted the chart to my stock-watch group, and told them I bought. It is up to them ... if they are buying. Closed 93.5 cents ... will sell tmr if shooting again, otherwise, resistance at 99cents, sell.

TDM breakout today of RM1.04 level, it was at 99cents ... high volume breakout. Great. Buy.

TSH is about to break to new high too ... well, hammer formed yesterday for FCPO, now up about 40 points. Still holding to my long ... and my idea is to long FCPO, short FKLI. So, one may consider TSH ... around RM3.30

tired ... and need to rest now.


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