Sunday, March 16, 2014

News and more news ...

News ... and more news everywhere.

Anwar being found guilty of poking some holes and could be sent to jail again. His wife is taking over the fight with 'beauty' Ms Chew. Both of them want to have bigger share of the pie ... I mean, satay. Somehow, MCA is still contesting and trying to represent Malaysia-Chinese.

Karpal being fined ... well, political assassination at work here. Wonder what is new?

While pi-day went off being un-noticed due to more pressing news related to our country, Malaysia.

MH370 went missing for a week now ... and now they said it is 'confirmed' to be hijacked. Well, in Malaysia-bolehland, nothing could be confirmed, especially if things out from our ministers. With kris-welding taking stage, perhaps ... Chinese(of China) dare not to criticize the way things being handled. Well ... Hang-Kris in charge? Not really ... many more big-shots taking the limelight as the international media anxiously for latest developments ... regarding the missing plane.

Bomoh hitting the headlines .... and we, Malaysians being embarrassed again, after the kangkung-theme which just zzz-down ... yes, BOMOH ... with teropong, fishing equipments, coconut, carpets ... and more. He is going to slap Khairy ... ooppsss ... I better say nothing more, of else ... I will be the next buaya.

A week of stories, drama ... and more.

Haze ... it is going into unhealthy level ... no outdoor activities and Port-Klang is badly hit.

Market is still in jittery stage ... with Ukraine is still running high on drugs.

Now, talking about drugs, an international event ... supposingly being held at Bkt Jalil was called-off last minute after they found some drug-junkies died of overdosed. Sad to hear such news ...

Ok ok ... write a little about share-market.

KLCI : Broken 1820 support ... 100MA breached too. For the past two weeks, I noticed MACD-divergence. NOw we shall watch 1800 and 200MA at 1795.

Market sentiment has changed into bearish-bias now ... hmm ... could it due to MH370 or more? By the way, MAS plunged to almost 20cents but recovered back to 24cents. It is not worth to punt into MAS .. hoping that our gov to bail it out again.

The Star's Sat-biz front page : Westport. While data showing Westport is doing well ... the share price still consolidating at 2.50 levels. So, nothing much but to watch it break 2.60 level to buy.

Magna to build twin-towers, Felda to buy into Encorp and MahSing plans RM4b projects. All property-construction news?

The front-page of FocusM is about the steel-players. A good read about those players and their huge debts. Perwaja/Kinstel recently in play(goreng).

Sentoria an over-valued property counter ... with 30% property counters trading above their NTA. Ecoworld is being mentioned as the 'most' over-valued counter. Hmm ... by the way, do we use NTA to evaluate a property counter? Investors buying into Ecoworld due to the news that Liew will bring Ecoworld becoming the next SPSetia. Well ... one could buy both (Eco and SP) but I prefer SPSetia ... waiting for end-April where Liew is leaving. Wait and see what is next ... and I read somewhere that SP will be shariah-compliant again? How is that?

 Insurers being hit due to MAS case ... Allianz is diving.

Allianz ... was trading at RM13, with RSI above 80. Isnt that a sell, profit-taking point? Currently, trading with RSI 30 level, below 20 will be a buy? Checking RM9.90 ...

FCPO diving further after overbought ... jumped to be at 2900 ... ridiculous after the analysts were bullish in CPO. Well, they are talking about 3000 or even 3500 if dry whether persist. So, a sharp correction at the moment is seen as a good opportunity to BUY more plantation counters? I have exited almost all ... left IOICorp.

This is a weekly chart of JTiasa ... yes, i3-forum kaki should know this counter well by now as it was mentioned by KYY where we accumulated in huge position and seen this counter as under-valued. Now, those critics ... those negative-noises silenced. JTiasa moved so high now due to PLANTATION recent rally, ok? Will buy JTiasa again if it oversold.

The whole sector being pushed up due to price of CPO bottom-out from 2200 consolidation level. It make sense to buy plantation counters when it broken 2500 ... as I was accumulating them about 1-2 months ago. Kulim-wc and IJMPlant-wa giving me a very good trade ... TDM above 90cents now, and I sold 99cents level(traded along the way up). Even RSawit is moving ... TSH hitting new high, so is CBIP. The sleeping HSPlant shooting high too ... most of counters in plantation!! The good news is out ... overbought ... sell.

Time to enjoy the Sunday ...

Have a nice day ahead.

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