Thursday, March 13, 2014

FCPO dropped below 2850

Yesterday we saw FCPO dived down 70points ... what a sharp correction in a day. I have exited most of my plantation counters as they are overbought .... but, I saw CBIP still very strong at RM3.14 this morning ... 3.14 = pi ... and tmr is a pi-day, for Math geeks.

correction : CBIP was at RM4.14 ... not 3.14.

Anyway, the daily chart is showing overbought. A small rebound of 20points at the moment.

Penny-stocks still in rally ... I bought HHHCorp as it broken 0.17 level. Ride on the trend. Many more punting-speculative counters to punt. Just buy small, if u really need to punt. We never know when the party will be over.

Let me show one good recent example : MTouche

The Focus written about it about two weeks ago. Then, it shot from 25 cents to 40cents ... now at 26cents here, the game is over?

So, as many retailers like such excitements ... they many not understand the risk.

A blogger : Yes ... REI(reiccs), I will find time to write my blog again. Thanks for being a good supporter since years back ... u reminded me about the existence of my blog(LOL) as I m busier in my FB. You do keep up your blog la ... I can't promise that I will write as I will be too occupied. Might re-activate my in July ... for the third time(LOL).

Ok, I really have to run again ...


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