Tuesday, March 04, 2014

FCPO breached 2800

Morning ... a very rare morning where I m writing a blog? Normally I will be rushing ... well, I hv not 'retired' from my full-time job just yet ... but soon, in July ... I will be free-ing myself from a full-time employment job!! Then, hopefully ... I will relax and be back blogging ... most probably choosing to write in my 'abandoned'

Will be missing my full-time teaching in colleges after 20+ yrs but the change is needed as amount of works need my attention. I could no longer cope with so many things to handle, with limited time(24 hours per day, the max) ... and energy.

Anyway ... just dropping by to tell that FCPO surged beyond 2,800 ... and we are expecting plantation counters to be in play again.

I have asked my stock-watch group to buy IOICorp at around RM4.20(while I am collecting IOI-c2) for those big-cap(IOIPg listed, so IOICorp will be a pure plantation play) ... those liking TSH, TDM, RSawit, Kulim, THPlant, IJMPlant and such could have choices to choose from.

We shall see if these plantation-sector will be in bullish run ... but CPO certainly has recovered from 2200 level ... heading to 3k level now.

Got to go ... have a nice day.


p/s : It rained yesterday and this morning. Hope that will clear the hazy air ... well, CPO productions might be lowered due to haze?

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Kris said...

quiting your day job to be full time trader? :D