Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Breakout : Insas and Presbhd

KLCI bullish today ... I shorted FKLI before closing, as it up 14 points.

Insas : As Inari(and wa) went higher last week, I bought into her at 92-93 cents. Resistance was at 97-98 cents. So, I have want to queue 99cents to sell ... today whole day in exam-hall invigilating till 2.30pm, no chance to check the monitor. My stock-watch group was jumping up-n-down ... when it hit 98 cents, I called my broker to SELL around RM1. It was ... done!! And no turning back ... i could not buy back. Some in my group sold 99cents level too. Others counting the prices up. Wow ... I told them it will hit RM1.20, and it really did. Some still holding ... well, thought the rumours of privatisation is RM1.20? Sold way too early again ... ouch.

Presbhd : Bonus issue news ... well, it breakout to new high, RM3.90. I traded Presbhd since RM1 level, now we will be seeing RM4 soon?

Penny-stocks : One can punt into Opensys as its IPO was at 24cents, current level. Breaking 25cents will be a good buy.

Well ... I m too tired and too busy too.

Good night.


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