Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Plantation in play?

Good morning ... it is Wednesday, yet another very busy day. I have sold so many yesterday ... let me try to re-call ... Scomi, Ecoworld, ECS, TDM, JTiasa, HapSeng, Zhulian, GAB ... not sure if I missed out a few more?! Too many counters in hand, bought during the CNY-mega sales ... and trying to consolidate ... re-group and stay out for a while.

Plantation in play 

FCPO broken 2700 yesterday ... and we are in bullish sentiment again, especially for plantation counters. Those wanting the big-cap, IOICorp is my choice. Since listed the IOIPg, IOICorp will be a 'pure' plantation play. When is Bstead going to list their plantation-arm? CBIP in new high, TSH back to RM3 ... Kretam(crab) is still moving sideway as that is their nature ... but Ketam ... I mean, Kretam dived sharply after split. Kulim is recovering well, broken RM3.25 yesterday and hitting 50MA at current level. Yes, I sold JTiasa as I read some bad-news about Wilmar exiting Swak ... and this kinda of bad-news need time to be digested by market. SOP is expected to retrace further due to the news too(dropped from RM6.90 to current RM6). So, take your pick ... CPO has been depressed for past 1-2 years ... and the recovery is in the making. I have told my stock-watch group that I am collecting plantation counters. Moving into the trend ... is it sustainable as many 'bad' news relating to CPO? We shall see ...

 Got to go ... off


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