Saturday, February 08, 2014

Financial Mindset

Good morning ... it is Saturday and I will be 'free' from classes today. I do still have back-log paperwork bothering and stressing me. Anyway, I m going to put that aside for today, doing something what I do like to do ... blogging here, visit by few students to my small hut for CNY, spending time with family ... have 'luo-sang' with my colleagues ... and watch football.

I have not been at ease for past month due to the stress of paper-work. More and more paperwork given to us ... and I could not understand 'WHY'. It is about time to time of quitting the full-time employment, the E-quadrant ... moving into B-quadrant. I am currently in S-quadrant and I-quadrant. Yes, I am refering to Robert's four-quadrants.

I am on DIET ... to reduce my tummy.

Going for breakfast ... will write later.



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