Thursday, January 02, 2014


It is new year ... I started my last year Jan ... but did not manage to continue. One of the main reason is I m much more comfortable with the casual ... easy-going with lots of blah-blah. To write fully and only about stocks, trading, investing ... kinda dry and boring to me. Haha.

So, I decided to write the way I wrote here in my blogspot in my tratle's site.

Those readers from i3, do visit me there, if u wish to hear my blah-blah. It is not linked to i3(I hope ... as I do not visit i3 much, except for few good writings(kcchongnz is the best there, no doubt) or checking on dividends, coorperate exercises).

Do visit me at for any updates.

FKLI : Shorted 1870 on New Year ... few of us in our stock-watch. Glad with 20points profits now. Will go to short FCPO ...

HAPPY NEW YEAR ... and see u there.


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