Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Resolution ... again?

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Every end-of-year .. we have these hanging in our mind ... I want to XYZ ... and ABC.

Those long list of I want to ... the new year resolution.

Well, I do have mine too ...

Here are a few I could think of :

1. I want to ... spend more time with my family.

2. I want to ... wake up 5am everyday to exercise, plan and learn.

3. I want to ... focus in my stock-watch group and trade better.

4. I want to ... focus in my tuition classes.

5. I want to ... focus in building my new venture into startup.

6. I want to ... learn public speaking.

7. I want to ... activate my

8. I want to ...

9. I want to ...

For further details, do refer to 2014 New Year Resolution ... or perhaps the 2013 ... 2012 ...

There you are ... Have a DREAM or GOAL

Add faith ...

Add action ...

Add perseverance ...

Add patience and time ...

Have a good new year ahead.

contact me at :  or if you wish to join my stock-watch group or trading workshop.

wishing all ... a good year ahead.

KLCI closed 1761.25


Sunday, December 28, 2014

New 2015 nearing ...

KLCI ... another strong V-shape rebound ... 1770 resistance. Will we be seeing 1800?

I do hope to sell more tmr ... and by the time reaching 1800, selling most of my holdings by ... next week?

Stock-watch : Jan 2015 (one-month trial) open to those interested.

I have added e-meeting for the trading group (every Monday ... online stock-analysis) to my stock-watch. Then, I will use (members only) to record my trades (good or bad).

So ... those wish to try it out for a month, you are welcome.

e-mail :

Happy New Year.


Friday, December 26, 2014

Thinking Big

This is my first book I read after I graduated ... but being a lazy person, I never really read those pages, and never apply anything I read!!

That was 20 years ago ...

Now, I am going to listen to this clip for 5 times ... while I am busy preparing for 2015.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Growing Mindset : Environment

WORDS : To have a right growth mindset to be successful ... we need to understand the importance of words shared around us.

Hence ... I moved myself away from negative people, negative words ... and thoughts. People who will be using toxic words ... which we thought that they are norm.

Four toxic words

1. TRY ... change it into I WILL or I WON'T

2. WHY ... change it into HOW

3. I CAN'T ... change it into I CAN or I CAN'T YET

4. DON'T ... change it into I WANT

So ... changing our mindset really DIFFICULT. If we keep thinking of the difficulties, we will be thinking of I CAN'T. If you keep asking WHY ... you are not focusing in solving the problems.

What I do? I closed myself from the normal human around me, and pointing it out to them is simply ridiculous. Protecting my mind not to be filled with toxic words, I have to move away. Protecting my valuable time ... so that I could learn more. Time is most valuable commodity to me.

Spend the time to listen to motivational clips or read some good books(instead of wasting time watching TV, playing pc-games, chatting in forums and many more normal time-wasting activities by normal non-successful people).

Here is just one of the very good way of wasting our time. It is my regular time-waster!!

These are few of the books I just bought recently. I don't know how much it costs me($$$ sense) but I do know my directions ... I bought those trading-investing books some five years ago, which I could barely afford. Today, I could afford these books ... and I believe it is worth every dollar.

But .. books could not change our mindset much IF we do not want to change our own mindset. Books could be used as guidance and giving us some ideas.

What is the topic here again?

Environment is a factor.

Where you read these books ... and what do you do when you are reading them. Who do you share those ideas with ... and what are the results of sharing these with those with similar frequencies?

It is still environment ... where and who.

To grow my mind further ... I need good environment. So ... I m going to shift to a nice new place.

The new environment will be able me to think clearer ... and get to know new people who is staying there. These upgrading is important as we are moving away from the average or poor-mindset people.

My next move will be getting myself a good workspace ... and invest it that. It will give me good environment to think ... and thinking is the way we grow our mind!

There you are ... sharing with my readers(if you are new readers) what I have basically done to change my mindset ... because I wanted to. And it is on-going ...

Get a smarter brain ... by exercising.

click here :

Choice is yours.

Merry Christmas again.


Merry Christmas

Wishing all my readers ... my trading-members, ex-members and those out there ... a good 2015 year ahead.

Be prepare for a very volatile 2015 if we are in stock-markets.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Leaving KK ...

Leaving KK in few hours time ... KLCI still up about 7 points, but many penny-stocks I bought going through some profit-taking situation at the moment.

I have sold 4 of the 11 penny-stocks I bought yesterday : Alam, Malton, OCK and TDM. Will updates on the trades I have done in tmr when I m back to KL.

But, I was greedy to buy back Alam, and also added 3 more penny-stocks(which are in red now). So, I am still holding to 11 penny-stocks ... and I must sell one as I want to bring them into 2015, and show my trading group how we could buy oversold counters ... and to swing trade.

Well ... will be putting KLSE aside for a while ... and when I am back to KL tonight, I will have to arrange for few tuition classes from Wed to Fri. I have an appointment with an old-friend tmr night(KLCC) and will be shifting to new place during this weekend.

It will be very very busy ... and I hope I could be prepared for new 2015 year ... by then!!

end-of-year ... I need to calculate my portfolio too. Three losing months Oct-Dec, 9 profiting months (Jan-Sept). So ... the net should be still profit, but barely above 10% this year, the worst performance of all the years? Well, as the fund growing ... maintaining above 10% is becoming more challenging.

Time to go.


Monday, December 22, 2014

KLCI rebounds

Noon ... as KLCI rebounded sharply. Is many out there yelling BUY or BYE?

Yes ... kinda glad to sell many this morning. Again, it is so difficult to buy hugely last week, especially last Tuesday.

I bought 10 penny-stocks last week ... err ... 11 actually.

So, I have sold TWO this morning. Left 9 now.

Alam : Entry at 54.5 cents last Tuesday(16th). Target at 65cents ... sold at 64 cents done this morning. Went to hit 67cents.

Malton : Entry at 78cents ... sold at 88cents done. It hit 89cents ... my original target is 94cents resistance.

I told the group ... this is just a trail-basis. Testing out the cases IF KLCI going into sharp correction.

Yes ... we need to test out many things to gain experiences.

Will write about another two experienced traders I met.

KLCI closed for lunch ... up 24 points, at 1740 now. WOW ... well, 1770 still a strong resistance.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Getting out of E-quadrant

Last night I spent some time and had a good talk with an ex-colleague. We had dinner at Lintas.

With 2-3 hours ... I started to talk about my current situation. What I have been doing after exactly 5 years I left Institute Sinaran. And what I am planning to do in this coming 5 years time, to enable me to retire by then. Yes, retire ... financially independent.

Yes ... I was just like him ... 5 years ago. I was a Math teacher there, giving tuition to some of the students. He is doing that now too, and has been doing that for past 20 plus years!! And still with Ins.Sinaran ... and without any changes, he will most probably retire there. Mind you, it is not wrong at all ... retire with the college, tho one may never retire ... financially free. Most lecturers staying in the education-line till retirement as they do not have the courage enough to pull themselves out from the E-quadrant.

Let us put it in more general point ... most of those in E-quadrant simply think it is more secure(financially) to stay employed as we were taught to be ... employee.

So ... I told him how I started some 8 years ago ... by reading the RDPD book! I was in huge debt after wedding ... I was broke with my young baby boy. Life was tough ... very very tough without simple financial basic, without money to support the young family. As I married late, and financially broke ... it is more reason to work extremely hard ... twice harder than all my colleagues.

What do I do?

I read RDPD. I was so focus and serious about moving out of E-quadrant. I m having the S-quadrant ... but not in B or I side. So ... I forced myself to be in I-quadrant, moving into KLSE (unfortunately, it was 2008 ... today, I do see it as fortunately!) and forced myself to be in B-quadrant(goreng keropok to sell). I failed in both in 2008 ... quit my keropok-biz ... lost few thousands invested in some equipment. I lost about 70% of my small initial capital(always start small when we are new in markets)

I re-read RDPD and started to buy more investment books. I read Azizi-Ali's "Millionaire In Me" and how we could be millionaire by changing our mindset. I remember I read Adam Khoo's book whenever I am free ... to understand how market works(so I thought, my views have changed) ... I continued to buy more books, money-financial related magz ... and more. Yes, I was totally broke with 3 credit cards to clear ... the financial stress was tremendous and the ripple-effect on other part of our lives is definitely being felt.

2008 was the nightmare year for me ... but, thank God for helping me, guiding me. I continued to stay strong ... walked to college, planning my path to be a trader ... planning how I could build a biz ... and planning how to clear my debt. While tuition-classes picked up then, it is still not sufficiently enough ... my baby girl was born.

I was barely surviving ... trying to make ends and month end salary is a MUST for me. I have to pay RM500 for an apartment where I could not sell(or rent out) ... paying RM450 for my Kancil. I was renting a house to give tuition nearby school(and rented out my rooms). With my small salary of less than RM4k, I am certainly struggling ... financially and emotionally.

Staying positive, staying strong and persistent ... those are characters that majority will fail. We have too much of negativity news/people around us. I slowly distanced myself from my colleagues ... my surrounding people who are financially not doing well. It is all in the mind ... yes, I learnt that from some of my financial books, telling me the different mindset between the rich and the poor.

The poor will dream ... day-dream and envy about others successes. They give excuses and blame others for their short-comings.

The rich do dream ... take actions and put their dream as goal. They duplicate other successes and admire successful people. They give reasons why they need to change and take responsibilities for their mistakes, and wrong-doings. They understand that mistakes are stepping stones for them to be experienced and wiser.

These are what I told my colleague ... and he was very motivated to change his mindset ... and financial live. I do hope I could give him some guidelines ... but I could only tell him what I have done, and what I m going to do.

I am still far from my personal goal ... my dream of being financially independent. But, at least ... I have moved away from E-quadrant. So ... I shared with him my 2015 goal ... and 5 year goal. By 2020, I will want to retire!

What is my next step? To move away from S-quadrant.

S = self-employed. My current tuition classes where I have to be there physically to teach, and to manage my classes. In other words, those in S-quadrant are those changing their TIME with MONEY. Again ... nothing is wrong with that, ok? Just that we need to be there ... physically and have limited income(due to limited TIME). Each day, I will be teaching about 3-4 hours, averagely. If I have the energy, I will teach at nights or weekends too(I hv stopped teaching on Sundays ... that is for family time). I am not a lazy person ... I will work and work ... besides, I am teaching Math which something I love very much!

Being able to generate income from my trading is also very important. I hv spent 4-6 hours per day for past 6 years in market, invested thousands in myself. This is a serious biz for me. So, I know I could only continue to improve. While majority looking for tips around the forums, yak-king around talking air-water, I m working on my charts, trading system ... learning new trading idea. And meeting more and more traders, to share their experiences(going to meet another two traders who are working in IBs later).

So ... my ex-colleague(call him Mr C) was very impressed with my total change of my mindset. Yes ... he knew me personally ... we are in same Math Dept ... and he was far better financially than me, some 5 years ago. Today ... he is still there with some increment in his salary, while tuition-classes slowing. It is never to late to change and motivate ourselves, to do better than what we are doing today. BUT ... we need to take ACTION.

Haha ... I told him ... if I can do it, you can too!!

Am I pulling him to move to KL? Hmm ... I have no control on what others wish to do. It is our own lives, our own choice.

My choice was obvious ... I have to uproot myself from KK, and to moved back to KL ... there are more opportunities there. So ... the change is needed. No matter how hard, how scary it could be ... if I want to move away from E-quadrant(remember that was my goal?) I have to move away from the beautiful KK ... yes, another sacrifices I have to make to achieve my personal-goal. By the way, I have sacrificed the time watching TV, stopped bowling in total ... no time-wasting talking to colleagues or so-called friends(unless we have similar goals?).

Leaving Ins. Sinaran ... leaving my colleagues, no one actually knew why I am doing such. No one! No one giving you a chance when you are poor ... when you are struggling. In fact, we could use their criticism to propel ourselves higher!! Newton's Third Law applied here, fyi.

Law of Attraction : This is something I shared with him too ... we must be able to attract what we want ... as that is OUR CHOICE. It is not by chance or luck, where many non-performers believe. We create our LUCK ... we create our own opportunities. We need to be pro-active and go out there to do what we needed, and yes ... do mistakes, meeting wrong people ... be disappointed and being crushed. Being envied ... and now, many talking bad about us ... that is the sign of us moving ahead of them.

Small minds talk about human. They stay small. We could move away from them ... it is a choice.

Letting the average minds be where they are is important. So, my ex-colleagues will remain in E-quadrant as they are average. They fear RISK ... I was one of them 5 years ago, ok? And again, it is VERY OK to be average. It is just me ... my personality not allowing myself to be in the herd. I like to challenge myself ... and see how far I could go.

I no longer talk about people ... about events. I will like to meet people to discuss IDEAS.  That is why I meeting more people with like-minded. They could enrich my mind ... and I do admire many of those successful people.

Ok ... back to Mr C. While I knew him for 5 years in Ins. Sinaran and I have no contact with him for past 5 years ... he is not even in my facebook list!

He could appreciate my stories much more than anyone else as he is still teaching Math and been there with me. He was my Math Dept head back then too. Salary-wise more than me ... tuition-wise more than me. But, today ... he could see my changes ... and my goals(which I shared with him) ... he knew I am going to move ahead, irrespective of obstacles, fear of uncertainties ... and failures!!

As he is my friend ... I am more open to him. I could feel more comfortable to share with him my goals .. my dream and my motivation. We all have different personalities ... so, it is very important to know our own pace, our own risk appetite ... while we try to struggle thru the thickness of ujnknowns, criticism ... difficulties ... adversity?

If we are not passionate enough with our goals ... we could not go far. If we are not motivated enough to move even during difficult times, we could not move far. Think of that for our 2015 resolutions.

We talked till the restaurant closed around 11.30pm ... and continue to talk before we call it a night.

I do hope to help a friend. But, we could only help those who wish to help themselves. Many of them do not have the direction of what they want to achieve. As for me, I was financially-idiot ... and realized in a hard way that MONEY is essentially important for me to get out of below-average living. Without money, I could not treat my family, my friends nice meals. Without money ... I could not donate much.

But ... I do still wish to stay humble, while sharing with  some of my friends how I pulled myself out of the E-quadrant ... and now, going to pull myself out of the S-quadrant. I could only hope I could inspire them even in small manner, to change their lives for a better --- financially --- at least.

I will want to stay frugal as I am now ... I will want to help more people to be motivated and taking a venture out of E-quadrant. It is a VERY difficult journey, no one telling you get-rich story here.

I will want to keep my blog here ... tho I will be blogging more about stock-analysis in my site ... so, I am still very much myself, a Math teacher.

I will remind my close friends to tell me off if I started to show-off, to let the air up in my head ... or perhaps, being boastful. Because ... money changes human, they said. I want to remain my humble self, doing things in simple way. Money supposed to solve our problems ... not changing our characters. We must remember our roots ... always.

Well ... I have offered him to replace me ... to give my tuition students to him. Yes, he appreciated my offer to help ... we should do things in sincere manner. And not to mis-lead others, not to have personal agenda of using others.

I have only achieved first level of success : Out of the E-quadrant.

My second stage of out of S-quadrant will come ... when I am involving more in my B-quadrant. While maintaining in I-quadrant ... I am certainly could only improve(because I WANT IT BADLY).

This post is also to motivate those YOUNG ones(older ones more difficult to motivate to change due to bad-habits die hard) ... to plan to get out of the E-quadrant. No one telling you to steal... to lie. Do it the hard way ... believe in God, believe in yourself. Then .. learn! Never stop learning.

If you are too lazy to find out what you personally want to do ... no one could find that for u. Your laziness amazed me.

Get out of forums, if you are in trading-investing. Get out of the negative environment, and LEAVE your friends(so-called) who might be pulling you down(dragging you, emotional baggage etc etc).

Do what it takes ... to be your own SUCCESS.

I will end my long post here with what late Dennis Ng shared.

Change your thoughts ... APPLIED KNOWLEDGE is power.

To in-touch with me :


Saturday, December 20, 2014

LOGIC : A must to have

Good morning from Kota Kinabalu ...

Yesterday, spent some hours at Pulau Sapi. Nice island ... have not upload some pictures to share it here. But, believe me ... it is nice!!

Main islands here are Gaya, Manukan, Sapi and Mamutik. Google them.

We will take a boat to these islands, from KK's jetty. It will be less than half-hour ride. Bring some money ... you may want to experience para-sailing there (RM65 each person for 15 minutes). Bring your own food.

Today's programme : Go fishing later at Sg Papar.

Ok ... I met two young ''dealers'' last night. They are very new in stock-market. So, I spent about 2-3 hours giving them some lecture on how to start to be good in trading-investing, and to survive in the industry. Yes ... if you are to be dealer with IB, where do you move up from here? Turning to be a remisier? etc etc ... that is not important just yet.

What is important ... is to accumulate knowledge and experiences. Use it as a stepping stone, while learning from many experienced seniors in the line. And make sure we track our own learning.

Two main points I shared with them : LOGIC and PASSION.

No one could sustain their learning without these two ingredients. It is simple to understand, yet most difficult to put in practice. Yes ... why 80% of retailers losing in stock-market? They have lack of common-sense and logic.

Trader #1 : A finance grad, looking for a job and landed him with a local IB. Been a dealer for past 8 months, highly admire me ... and my blog reader! Lost some money recently buying into Sumatec, and from what I could gather ... he is wiser now. Appreciate my e-meeting that help to ring some logic in his new-trading brain. But ... he didn't show to me his enthusiasm in going very far in the trading line. So, I will be watching him ... perhaps, be his mentor.

Trader #2 : A marketing grad, went into the job ... and not of his choice either. Father in stock-market recently lost some money too, holding to KNM. As this is only his first month, he needs more time to develop from there. He believed the INFLUENCE of others too strong for normal human to be independent.

LOGIC : Yes ... I m promoting something that is most difficult to put in our head or mind. We are engineers, biz-man ... teachers and more, we are logical in our normal daily lives .. but when we are in stock-market, GREED take over! Imagine ... a question like "Tmr the stock can hit my TP or not?" or buying thru tips given in forums? haha ... defying logic, read my recent post.

Without LOGIC ... no one willing to learn. They took 3-4 years and hours to get a degree ... to be employed. Hmm ... somehow, the learning stop there ... why?

Stock-market is the ONLY place where people going into to PROFIT without learning, without experience ... and being lured by many SALEMEN easily ... how easy they profit. Haha ... I do always amazed with human mentality. Amazing!!

Stock-market is the ONLY place where people do not think learning is needed. They will buy software or ask around what to buy-sell. They think of getting-rich ... that is called gambling?

So, now ... guess how many % losing money again? Yup, the statistic 80%! Still want to go to KLSE? Sure?

There ... here is a diagram to show why most retailers will quit market, OR stuck with those lousy penny-stocks and could never understand why.

Got logic or not? If not ... how about QUIT now?

PASSION is another important ingredient to sustain in market. That will be for another post ...

off and have nice weekend.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

KLCI rebounded ... finally?

KLCI : Moving above 1700 now ... so, are we seeing V-shape rebound again? 1730 next level of resistance to watch, as DOW rebounding sharply now too.

Penny-stocks : During market diving ... I was busy buying ... and grabbed 10 penny-stocks so far!! Crazy theory struck my mind. Wont share it here ... but shared with my stock-watch group. Haha ... will want to see if my theory works, and need to practice that as when market REALLY crash one day(wont be 2015 too, in my opinion) ... I will know how to catch knives!! Well, I will post it here once I have sold most of the counters?

Stock-watch : One may join my stock-watch for Dec, for half-month.

Trading workshop : Will be on 10th and 11th Jan, to learn basic trading skills using charts.

contacts :

do visit me at : from 2015 onwards

FGV : New low ... 2.31 ... what is next? BUY at low?

well ... 2015 soon. I will move to more often, tho I still feel very much at home here in my blogpost.

Went to Kinabalu Park today but it rained the whole day!! So, we missed the fun ...

Tmr morning ... going to Islands and meeting few traders from KK. Do let me know if anyone in KK wish to meet.



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Defying LOGIC

Morning ... it is 4.15 am now. I am at Kota Kinabalu at the moment. Excited.

KLCI gapped down for TWO consecutive days. Crude oil price below USD60 now ... while Russia making drastic calls. Currency war? Ruble dived ... MYR down too. Oil-dependent countries are having the pinch. Read about Venezuela too ... and the stories on 1MDB continue ...
What should we do in stock-market? Staying sideline is an option. A good one, indeed.
What about those bought at high of PDZ at 30cents, DNex at 40cents, Sumatec at 50cents, KNM at 60cents, THHeavy at 70cents, Alam at 80cents, IfcaMsc at 90cents, Mitra at RM1, TAS at RM1.10, Armada at RM1.50 ... Boilermac at RM1.70 ... and so on?
If there is no cut-loss level placed BEFORE we took the trade, the losses could be ... huge now. Many are tumbling done ... and we are wondering why?
First simple question : Why are we buying those stocks at THAT level(whatever level we have bought into)?
If there is not valid reason, we are actually just ignorant ... and took a bet(gamble) and lost. That is the whole thing about RISK ... and why I have been so active having e-meetings with my group for past 3-4 months ... telling them the importance of viewing about RISK ... before we could even think of profits.
If I ask the question : "Do you know that 80% of retailers losing money" in May-Aug period of time, many newbies who just came into stock-market ... who boosting their huge profits in punting into PDZ(now IFCA is a must to buy ... to boast) ... and laughing their way to banks ... who even take a heed of the word RISK.
But ... it is easier to send a message about RISK today. Yes, today is the day I m out here again... talking about RISK again(like everyone don't know about it ... hmm ... knowing is one thing, doing is another ... ok?)
To send the message, and to help many newbies to understand that losing money(lots of it) ... to ask them to LEARN first .. is VERY VERY difficult if market is bullish and anything we buy into also giving us profit ... we will tend to FORGET that trading is risky. GREED in play ... and forums becoming noisy ... remisiers/dealers happily recommending stocks to buy/sell ... to earn commissions from their clients trade. In daily basis ... we will be bombarded with e-mail, sms, watsapp and media ... telling us to trade. Heck ... so many sifu-guru came out during early of this year ...
Did you notice that software salesmen were out there with NEW trading software, while more promoters telling you that we should take advantage of their powerful software(programmed trading signals ... blah-blah) ... ? That could also use as a sign or indicator that market is BULLISH and many newbies drove into the KLSE-hole. Welcome to Bursa ... with our newly improved software, we could detect XYZ and profiting from market is as easy ... and now, everyone can trade?
I do also observe those trading-groups ... mushrooming during beginning of the year. Same old tactics ... same targets. Yes, they are targeting greedy retailers ... some earn commissions for things they are doing!! Remember, anything TOO good is not true ... as if they are THAT good, they will be using it themselves. Perhaps, banks might BUY their systems for millions? Perhaps ... banks would have employed them, with fat wages?
LOGIC ... is something not there for most of us in market. It is the most difficult to stay focus ... and use our common sense. Since when we are LOGICAL when we first fall in love with the most charming guy/lady? Think you could control your emotion ... the first time you kissed? What if you have few relationships ... experienced few break-ups ... and cried over it? Do you think you could think straight and LOGIC when you are in love? Or could you just put your sadness aside the next day you broke-up with your gf/bf?
LOGIC ... means putting our emotion aside. That is difficult. Otherwise, how do we explain people part huge money(hard earned) for a scam? Or believing into what a sales-promoter sweet talk us to buy their products? Only for today ... we are giving you 40% discount? Or ... hmm ... today is your lucky day, sir ... you are picked to join our sure-win contest ... all you need is to buy our XYZ product, for a fraction? See ... they will give you a SMILE.
Everyone will learn their LESSONS ... some who too egoistic will not be in markets for long. Mr Market is too huge for us. We could only learn from mistakes ... learn to control our behaviours, having correct mindset and positive attitudes ... if we are to survive in trading markets. No one could help ourselves if we DEFY the logic ...
If we cant even drive a car yet, no driving license ... will you be doing 150km/hour in a kampong-road?
Do think of LOGIC I m trying to drive ... to the whole trading public out there(if u are still losing money and insist to be still in market).
It is almost 5am now ... I will want to do my 5am ritual.
Going to Mt Kinabalu park today.
Have a nice trading day ... anyway.
Note : This is my post #2999

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sabah Trip

Morning ... I am trying to put myself up. Seeing it positively, I do not need to watch football for 1H2015.

I am flying off to KK in few hour times. Excited. It has been 5 long years my wife-kids left KK with me to live in KL here. I am bringing my mom too.

Will want to see few of friends there(if they want to meet me la).

Ins. Sinaran : Will visit the college .. the place I left some 5 years ago. Few old-timers are still there, and will be glad to see them.

Mt Kinabalu Park : Will be there on Wed-Thu. One of my fav place. But, wont be climbing Mt Kinabalu this time around. Will plan for a Mt Kinabalu trip next year with my trader-group.

CPS Bowl : Will certainly glad to drop to the bowling alley, a place where I spent my hours there ... playing competitions and bowling leagues. Whoever there to meet, I will be glad.

Islands : It is a must for me to go to the Islands .. Manukan, Gaya ...

Gaya Street : Haha ... I have put-up a stall selling my keropok some 9 years ago, what a memory how I started to change my life --- financially. Will love to see local people there.

Traders : I am meeting some of them (3 so far responded to meet me), and will spend few hours have a coffee-talk with them ... as my initial Project(meeting traders) and interview them ... for sharing experiences.

Melinsung : Will need to check on my beach-apartment which I have ''abandoned'' for 5 years now. No intention to rent or sell. One day, I might be back to stay in KK ... this small apartment is the place I wish to stay ... nearby the beach.

Time to go


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Preparing for 2015

2015 ... yet another new year in coming days. Less than 3 weeks. As I will be spending 1 week in Sabah ... I will use the time away from markets, tuition classes ... business discussions etc etc ... away from all the busy-packed KL-live.

KK is the best place to be in whole Malaysia. That is my personal opinion ... so, I will be very glad if I could retire in Sabah. I heard that KK is full with modern shopping malls now(sigh ... must they?). Perhaps I could still consider Kudat or smaller towns? Will be back to plan on that ...

But now, we talk about 2015.

To stay positive ... I have been focusing on my surrounding. Yes, MY ENVIRONMENT. I am a believer in positive thinking. I am a believer that environment will shape my thoughts and to protect my mindset ... I will only mix with positive thinkers who supporting my works, my values and my cause. I will definitely eliminate those with negative thoughts ... those criticize me without grounds, deleting those complaining and telling lies ... making sure I m directing my path with positive-ness.

So ... I am shifting to a larger space, and with planning on good work-station in order to work better. Environment will be important for the growth of our MIND.

This photo is taken ONE minute ago ... as I want to improve my home work-space. So, next year ... I am shifting my home work-space. Our MIND is more important to protect. INVEST in that ... and INVEST in ourselves. That is how we grow ...

Will comment on the above clip ... relating to my 2015 HABITS I want to acquire.

We need to be determined enough to make the CHANGE.

Begin with the change of NEGATIVE PEOPLE around us.

Begin with the change in our WORKSPACE.

Begin with the change ... in our HABITS.



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Recently, I created a FB page ... yeah, I created that some 2 years ago, but did not manage to updates etc etc ... 2 years ago, I am still have a full-time teaching job at Taylor's, was busy opening my tuition center and developing my trading workshop! Well ... it was 2 years ago ...

Today, I m no longer having my full-time (E-quadrant) ... so, in the morning .. basically, I am sort of free. Actually, I will be busy by 8am ... preparing for market opening, chatting with some of my trading members while checking some news related. Again ... we do not need to glue ourselves to the monitor all the time as we could not control the prices, anyway.

Note : I do still teach A-level Math tuition ... so, those looking for tutors can contact me. I do have contacts with most GOOD tutors for all subjects too.

Click on the page and LIKE my page there ... more online market-talk and educational(about trading-investing) will be shared there.

Time to go for lunch with family ...

Have a nice Sunday.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Meeting with traders

Saturday night ... waiting for Sunday night game, vs MU.
Just had an online market-talk about Cut-loss, Average down ... and about trading ''softwares''.
Meeting with traders : I met few readers yesterday. Some last minute FFK me ... stating due to heavy rain. At least they hv the courtesy to tell me ... another one fella showing strong interest but didn't turn up at all. There are 7 of us in total.
While most of them are in my stock-watch group, there are two readers who dropped by to see me, in person. One is working nearby ... and another young man.
This young man ... hmm ... introduced himself and straight away stating how EASY trading is, and so easy to earn money from stock-markets. I was stunned and ... like What-the ... he is here for? I mean, I see trading as so difficult ... and only to hv a young man, pointing to me how easy trading could be. What am I missing here? So, he definitely feel bored meeting me ... who is doing far lower than he is. So, I suggested to him to push himself to be a bank-traders(PDT and such) rather than trade on his own. By the way, he is a full-time trader. I have to admire his guts ... to do things he is doing.
Trading is far from easy ... it is only easy when you go to some PREVIEWs of some trading-course or when the salesman wanting to sell you some trading software ... they will convince you how easy to profit using their trading system or/and trading software.
Anyway ... nice to meet such a young confident trader. He is the only trader I met stating that trading is easy? Good luck to him
One lady is joining my cohort-15(tentatively Jan 10-11th), and came to meet me. Nice meeting her too.
Most of traders I met last night ... with 3-4 years experiences in trading. So ... in my opinions, they are newbies. Trading is not that easy ... using some software and we could trade?
I will slowly put it as a project ... meeting traders for a the-Tarik and interview them!
Tired ... going to KK on Monday.
Night ...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

To be a trader?

Morning ... waking up to see sell-down in DOW (minus 268) and crude-oil reaching USD60 now. So, yesterday's rebound will be short-lived? Are we seeing 1700 soon after this short rebound?

There are two things I will like to tell my readers here :

1. For updates on this blog, one needs to click instead of reading from i3-site. That is because once I  ''publish'' the post from here, it will be shown in i3-site ... and when I update(adding more writings in SAME post/title) ... it will NOT be updated in i3-site. Get what I mean or not? So, for some of my readers who are reading my blog from i3, you may need to re-click to my personal site to check on updates!

2. I will be doing more stock-analysis in and one needs to go there to check on my regular updates.

If you have a facebook, you make go to my public-page at, like the page and any updates will be shown to your FB-feeds.

There you are ... from time to time, I need to reach for readers ... on my doings. Yes, I m moving ahead ... to be so-called more professional. But ... well, I am still very much a teacher, a blogger and a trader. Haha.

To be a stock-market trader?

Lunch date : I had a nice lunch yesterday with three ladies (free-lunch, to thank me for guiding her in trading). It is interesting to know that one of them wanted to be a trader ... I mean, full-time. So, my advice is natural and usual : DO NOT BE. Haha ... well, I always tell all that being a trader needs to many hours, too tedious to learn ... could be too difficult(controlling of emotions too) for many. So, a general advice .... DO NOT TRY to be.

If one persist ... then, start SMALL. Put an amount you are willing to lose all. Learn FA ... learn TA ... learn whatever A = analysis. Use 3 to 5 years for that! With LOTS of LOGIC ... I have to repeat, LOGIC ... which is missing in whole retailers in stock-markets! We have people signing up for some software training(paying thousands) as they want SHORT CUTs. I have to repeat, that is SALES ... you are non-logical enough to look for short-cut in trading. Hence, it is advisable to quit before you start.

So ... to tell people to be LOGICAL is the most difficult point I shared with them. Without that, we could easily fall into noises(tips from friends, dealers, remisiers, media etc etc). Without our own trading system, our own homework ... without understanding our own risk appetite ... well, it will be lucky if one could survive for 3 years! It is like doing business ... at initial stage. NOTHING is easy.

And to trade short-term (day-trading, contra with margin) is ridiculously difficult for newbies. But, again ... it is the newbies who always lose money and they DO NOT even understand WHY.

Note : You are invited to meet me tmr night for a dinner at Subang Jaya. I have two responses so far.

Understanding RISK ... understanding TIME FRAME ... and of coz, money management is the whole parcel of the game. It is less on what indicators to use ... or buy-sell. It is all about planning and learning from our trades --- continuously.

Due to the RISK ... many of newbies could not understand and will continue to struggle. For past 2-3 months, losing 20% becoming a norm to many. Imagine if market is really crashing down(it is not at current level lah ...) many those bought penny-rally stocks will stuck for long-long time ... and too painful to cut-loss.

Sumatec : Some dealers or remisiers asking to buy. Yesterday, a lady told me that her father's remisier asking her father to buy around 32 cents. The guy from JB who came for my trading workshop got the tips to buy Sumatec at 40cents, stating that they will push her up to RM1 plus. Today at 21cents ... who will dare to ask to buy and telling us ... it will be pushed to 50cents?

DNex : 34cents to 24 cents back to 34 cents ... break that to go to 39 cents then dived to 25cents, rebounded to 40cents ... and now dived to 26cents ... how is that? Betting it will go to 40cents again, right? Hmm ...

Many having these two in their portfolio ... some with huge losses. Another few are PDZ, Frontkn, Sona, China-stocks ...

IFCA .... the hottest still holding well. We shall see ...

KLCI minus 20 points ... given back the rebound yesterday.

2.25pm : Just had my lunch ... had two hours of Math tuition to a new student, wanting 3 times a week as he is far-far behind. I will have to try to accommodate ... and will have to teach at nights. Not that I am complaining but I really need to say NO and take a little time off for myself ... to be with family.

I am alone in the office(rented a whole place) ... so, I feel comfortable!! haha. Music background playing ... nice. Just bought a sofa-bed for next year. Yes, whenever I m tired, I could take a short nap during lunch break. Being your own boss means DISCIPLINE ... and more thinking, more work.

KLCI minus 8.52 points ... ok. Rebounded a bit la.

Time to check on my trades while waiting for next tuition class. Having few before flying to Sabah next week, for a week.

Do you want to work in Wall Streets?

Listen : It is Work and Focus. How to do BETTER?

4.45 pm : KLCI dropping 14 points.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Waterfalls : CIMB, FGV, MHB and MRCB

CIMB : This is terrible ... why huge sell-down in CIMB ... I thought CIMB-RHB-MBSB going to the largest financial institution in Malaysia? Perhaps they pushing it down due to its high valuation? Perhaps ... they know something inside going on that we do not?

FGV : What is up? Those holding to IPO-level is losing great now ... those chased up in first day is losing more. What is going on in such a huge company? There is something fishy ... something we don't know about?

MHB : This is a monthly chart ... since the IPO. Went to high RM8plus ... now RM1.70 level. What is up? Can anyone explain this? Again ... they knew something we do not know?

MRCB : Sold around 1.70 ... diving since then ... now nearing to support RM1.25. Will it break RM1.20 level? What is going on? Anything to do with UMNO assembly? Or Dr M's remarks?

Wondering what is going on ... it is a mystery?


19 Things Unhappy People Do

Everyone has their off days, but why cause more negativity you can avoid it? If you work on thinking positively about yourself and others, you will be that much closer to being your happiest self. Below are 19 things unhappy people do that we should all try to avoid.

1. They worry about things they can't change

We are all guilty sometimes of wondering what might have been if we had chosen or acted differently. But in most cases, this is a dead-end street. Unhappy people tend to brood about the "could've, should've, would'ves" of life, but it's important not to worry about things we can't change; instead, we should learn from our mistakes and simply try to do better next time! We may even end up being happy that we made some mistakes.

2. They give up when things get too hard

Unhappy people tend to back down when they are presented with a challenge. It's easy to throw in the towel when things seem like a lost cause, but powering through and persevering will usually yield good results. Giving up just leaves you feeling defeated. Regardless of the outcome, following through boosts confidence and reassures us that when all is said and done, we did everything we could to make it happen!

3. They take themselves too seriously

People who take themselves too seriously tend to take life too seriously in general. If you are able to take a step back and laugh at yourself and the absurdity of life every now and then, things won't seem so dire.

4. They never exercise

Exercise has countless mental and physical benefits. The more you exercise, the better you feel about yourself and the more likely you are to live a healthy lifestyle. Ditching exercise for a more sedentary way of life can have an overall negative effect on mood, health, and happiness. Here are some workouts that match different moods!

5. They set unattainable goals for themselves

We all know that setting goals for ourselves is important; it's the only way to get things done! But it can be a problem when the goals are unrealistic and unreachable. While we think it's great to always reach for the stars, people who hold themselves to impossible standards will be left feeling disappointed if they don't succeed. The key is to set small and attainable goals for yourself, and you will feel great when you meet and even exceed them. Remember — nobody is perfect!

6. They eat unhealthy foods often

Everyone has their guilty food pleasure (truffle fries, anyone?), and we fully support the occasional indulgence. However, unhappy people tend to let their indulgences become their habits. Eating healthy foods can lift your mood, give you more energy, and improve your physical health. Plus, there are so many great healthy recipes out there to try!

7. They don't get enough sleep

Sleep is essential! The amount of sleep you get corresponds with how happy and productive you are the next day. You may think that putting in that extra hour of work is a good idea, but nine times of out 10, work — and most other things! — should take the backseat to a good night's sleep. Check out some good bedtime habits to aid your beauty sleep!

8. They focus on their weaknesses, not their strengths

We all have our insecurities — the key is to embrace the good and try not to focus on the bad. Self-improvement is important, but unhappy people tend to dwell too much on their weaknesses instead of working on having a positive self-image. We should recognize our flaws and own them but never let them hold us back!

9. They spend too much time on social media

This one is a biggie! These days people lay out their whole lives online, and there are many drawbacks to this kind of social media over-share. For one, we can spend too much time comparing ourselves to other people. It's great that your friend just got a new job, got married, or had a baby, but it's OK that you are at a different — and just as important! — part of your life. It's a good idea to take a step away from the screen and get some perspective. Unhappy people tend to get caught up in social media and worry too much about how they appear to other people, which can have a negative effect on how they view themselves.

10. They stay in their comfort zones

It's easy to stay in our comfort zones where we feel safe and where the potential for risk is low. But staying there too long means we may be missing out on some great things in life. A huge contributing factor to unhappiness is boredom — and this can be easily remedied by trying new things and taking some risks! We don't necessarily mean that you should drop everything and go skydiving, but maybe try a new type of food, go see a show that sounds unusual, or take a weekend trip somewhere that you've never been.

11. They worry about what other people think

Unhappy people tend to care too much what people think. At the end of the day, there is only so much you can do to please other people, so what matters most is loving yourself!

12. They gossip or speak negatively about others

Our moms taught us many things — one important lesson being that if you can't say something nice, then there is no reason to say anything at all. People who are unhappy sometimes try to bring other people down in order to make themselves better, but this never works! A better remedy is to lift others up and work on feeling great!

13. They work too much

Everyone deserves a mental health day! People who work too much can often neglect their needs, and sometimes all you need is a day to take a break from work and focus on yourself!

14. They isolate themselves

When things get tough, it's easy to withdraw from the people who care about you. But spending time with close friends and family when you're unhappy is actually a great way to feel better! Sometimes being with people can take our minds off whatever is bringing us down, so surrounding ourselves with people who love us most is a great way to turn things around.

15. They never indulge themselves

Happy people know that it's important to take a vacation, splurge on a new outfit, or enjoy a spa day now and then. People who aren't happy sometimes forget that taking care of themselves is just as important as taking care of others. Make sure to treat yourself!

16. They're OK with settling

People who are unhappy often stay in their comfort zones and are content to settle for things. Whether it's staying stuck in a relationship that isn't making us happy or settling for one job when we have our eye on another one, staying in ruts can make us feel like our lives have plateaued. Happy people work to get themselves out of these ruts and make the changes needed to start heading in the direction they want to be going!

17. They refuse to forgive

Unhappy people tend to hold on to grudges, but there is freedom and peace in letting go of things and offering forgiveness to yourself and others.

18. They avoid planning and organization

Disorganization can leave people feeling like their lives are in a state of disarray. Even if it is something as simple as rearranging your room or trying out these DIY organization hacks, restoring order can help you feel like you have regained a measure of control over things. Unhappy people who avoid organization and planning ahead tend to be less prepared to deal with life's twists and turns.

19. They focus only on themselves

While caring for yourself is essential, unhappy people tend to only think of themselves. Treating others unkindly or constantly focusing on yourself and your own problems can be harmful to your well-being and happiness. It's amazing what a little bit of kindness and looking at the bigger picture can do for the soul!

I have been learning a lot about lives ... and I have changed so much ... into a positive person. If I am to teach ANYONE to be happy, personally I need to know I am happy. It is not a destination ... it is the journey. Just like my trading ... it is an adventure.

Wish to share more reasons to many here ... for us to rub happiness and sharing love to others. If you are unhappy(as market tanking? haha), then perhaps ... it is time to read the above. Time to get OUT of your surrounding ... perhaps, those people surrounded you. Move out of the comfort zone as majority of people around us ... want us to blend with them. DO NOT fall into that.

You are too unique and special ... and certainly deserve better than most out there. You just need to search enough inside yourself ... and besides, it is 2015 leh ... how about wake up 5am in the morning, joining me to be motivated to exercise ...

We all need to motivate ourselves!

Slowly ... go to a quiet corner, read the 19 pointers again and again. Then ... be honest to yourself. See how many points we could change ... for a better?

Have a nice day.

p/s : Liverpool just eliminated from CL. Gosh! Talking about happiness? Haha


Waking up : 5am club

Morning ... it is almost 5am. I am training myself to wake up 5am and using first hour to do three important things.

Time to go for cycling ... and read some good materials.

First 20minutes : Exercise

Next 20 minutes : Review plans and goals

Last 20 minutes : Learn. Learn. Learn.

To double the income, triple the rate of learning.

Watch TED-talk and such.

Friday : I am inviting those staying nearby in Subang Jaya or vicinity who wish to meet ... for a dinner together (at my favourite dinner place). Bring about RM10-20 for your dinner  We will just for chit-chat, sharing trading ideas.

contact :


Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Tale of two brains

Short clip : Men vs Women brains

A marriage seminar, in lighter manner. Two hour of entertainment. haha

Share with your spouse for good laugh. Haha


New Lows

Morning ... we are seeing few new ''normal'' ... low crude oil price(USD 60 plus) and weakening MYR. So ... foreign funds exiting our local Bursa.

I started to post in my tratles site yesterday ... haha ... yes, it has been dormant. My stock analysis will be there ... while this blog of mine will be financial-related with motivational clips I m listening. Also, will write stories here ... more personal ... example, how I got out of debt.

click : for analysis. Will activate it next year!

Surprisingly, PetDag continues it strong rebound and I have sold off all for good profits, buying hugely into it.

Armada showing some bottoming too. SKPetrol is lagging ... but Alam & Perisai going lower. Someone in my group asking if could buy KNM? KNM ... is a no-touch for me. Avoid the whole sector of O&G may be a good idea ... keeping cash is the strategy.

Will write about MHB later ... bottoming out. Dropping from RM8.40 high to current ... errr ... RM1.70 level. If those still holding to IPO or bought at any level higher, is it time to average down? OUCH.

With crude-oil price at low, CPO would not be in favour too. Hence, I have to avoid plantation counters ... tho this is the best sector to buy for a long term. Perhaps I will check JTiasa.

Market is opening ...

Have a nice trading week ahead.


Monday, December 08, 2014

8 traits of successful people










#2 : WORK

#3 : FOCUS

I will definitely need to analyse on MY personal traits and moving in-line with those listed traits. If I am going to be successful blogger, a successful trader, a successful tutor, a successful trainer, a successful stock-market speaker, a successful biz-man ... and overall, a successful person ...

I definitely need to have those traits.

Good morning ...


Sunday, December 07, 2014

Market Talk by Dali

It is Sunday ... as I wanted to attend a market-talk (by Dali and Alan Voon), I brought my kids to Ikea(free playground) while shopping for some new idea on how to decorate our new place with wife. Then, I went for the talk ... leaving kids at Kidzania.

Someone walked to me ... shake hand with me, and introduced himself. Wow ... didn't know I m well-known? Nah ... I m no-body. I m just pointing to him how difficult it is to be a full-time trader. He told me he lost lots of money recently, and thinking of joining me. Ok ... great.

It takes people to lose MONEY ... lots of it ... to understand how difficult it is in stock-market. To trade short-term is suicidal without knowledge, experiences and tools. Yup ... I am equipping myself with trading tools ... and sign-up!! It is just a tool ... to assist me in my stock-pick and putting up a trading plan. This will benefit my members more ... added-value to the existing features I have placed. Yes ... it is a good tool to me, but those newbies could not able to use it to full potential.

Dali : It is the stupidest question for anyone to ask about TARGET PRICE.

Haha ... he nailed it there. Making me like him a little more, as we need to address this to majority 80% retailers who believe in target prices!! Haha.

Dali : XingHe ... a new name for Keywest. When a company change its name, do avoid. They are still the same assholes.

Haha ... that is great. We need to be a little harsh to so many brainless retailers (unfortunately, newbies) who thought it is a new company or believe the stories they cooked up. Haha.

Dali : 30 to 40% of those in markets are at the lowest of the pyramid. They buy due to hearsay, from friends ... relatives, forums and such. They will bargain RM2 when buying fish ... but wont ask more spending RM200k buying a stock!

Haha ... he is making me to laugh and like him. Bingo! How a person could talk about 20cents increase in petrol price, while didn't check more when buying stocks, and lose so much?

There were two aunties ... talking about recent correction. One said(quite loudly) ... "no eye see. I didn't check market for few weeks now. I don't know what I am holding too. Heart pain" ... in Cantonese.

There we are ... market is full off many shape of retailers ... but most of us are at the bottom!

I am tired now ... after a long weekend. Attended a Toastmaster meeting where I was the first speaker. Nervous ... but I need to learn about public speaking. One day, I will want to give public-speaking and talk about stock-market, trading ... or motivational talk, ok? Will you attend? haha

Yesterday noon ... I have two meetings ... incredible and excited. It is another milestone for me to venture into e-biz ... a start-up! With my no give-up attitude, I will want to see the whole group(kinda large group) working together as a unit and well. These will occupy my brain ... thinking of how to move forward with more ideas ... in 2015. Wish me luck ...

This blog will see the end of stock-analysis as I m transferring it to and use that page next year onwards, to promote myself ... my stock-watch group and trading workshop. I will also keep records of my trades in the ''member only'' section.

Yes ... if you are still losing money, lots of it ... a newbie and a novice(my level), perhaps I may want to be the person to re-direct you into a good mindset ... about trading/investing. No one could help you or anyone if we do not want to CHANGE ... but continue to LOSE money ... in the stock-market.

I will continue to invest in myself ... and to become a better trader. I am improving in year basis, for sure. So, I will like to go down to newbies ... and see if I could make some senses to them. I will only help those who wish to help themselves.

enough said.

I m moving ahead ... while many old readers(and my trading members) still watching me moving.

Need to rest...



Friday, December 05, 2014

A busy weekend ahead

Friday morning ... a packed schedule for my weekend. Later noon, tuition classes ... then, our last meeting of the year for tratle-group(still do not know if we are continuing for next year? Let them to decide) ... tmr morning will be giving my first toastmaster talk and then, rushing back for a very important meeting(new biz venture!) ... planning at night, e-meeting for a new group(motivational) ... then, watch the Liverpool's game ... tmr morning, to IKEA to shop for some items(shifting to new condo) and attending Dali's market talk. In the evening, hope to rest and settle down to check on those events ... evaluate and reflect.

These are my typical busy weekend. I might be too busy to even blog here, tho I would love to share what I gathered from Dali's talk.

Personal Money : I have asked my group to buy the latest issue. They have one VERY important article about cooperate exercises such as bonus-issue, right-issue, split, private placement, share buyback and such. GRAB one. Do not photostate or ... read from the newsstand. For those few regulars who like to read The Edge and such at Popular or MPH(Pyramid, Summit and more), your cheap-mindset need to be changed. It wont cost you much ... for RM10. It costs us much much more losing in markets as we are not well-informed, lacking of knowledge and desire to win.

Desire to excel ... to improve and do better. So, I created a motivational group(with few of my interested members --- free, of coz). Many more things will be done and shared for free with my existing members, who have supported me ... through my difficult times and many treated me lunches/dinners.

To do biz ... JV or whatever, we need motivated people around us. So, I m creating this small group of investors ... in a hope to come out with something .... one day. At the moment, lets motivate and learn together. I am honour to have some strong supports. Working together will never be easy ... but I am always willing to work!!

I will be giving more public-talk(for free ... donation appreciated to be given to my charity-fund) about motivation, trading, investing ... and form that group of people, who willing to share their opinions. That explain why I m  joining a toastmaster group, to learn public-speaking. If you knew me personally few years ago ... I was an introvert, anti-social(I still am) and dislike herd-mentality. I see society as gullible and greedy, inconsiderate and selfish ... with bad personal intention to benefit themselves. But ... slowly, I got to know more god people around me .. I have changed my perception on overall views ... many good human out there, more good than not.

PetDag : Hit 17.50 ... this morning, I just simply ask member to sell at this level. I didn't park ... some a old-member of mine so discipline and managed to sell at 17.50, the peak. Wow ... most of them bought lower than me. At 16.80 now, many having profits. Tmr, another white-candle, I will sell and say ... thanks.

Note : I am very heavy inside Oil & Gas counters. I am a contrarian.

Time to read some articles about entrepreneurship!!


Thursday, December 04, 2014

Getting out of debts

By : Austin Netzley

Step 1: Make the decision.

This sounds like a simple first step, because we all say that we really want to be debt-free, but our actions don’t follow our words. When you truly make the decision, it becomes real. You fully commit and develop a belief that ensures that it is not a matter of if you will achieve your goals; it is only a matter of when.

I was sick of being and, more importantly, feeling broke. I was sick of worrying about money every single day. So, well before graduation, I made the decision that some way, somehow, I was soon going to be rich.

TEH : I was un-aware about financial, and got myself in huge debt after married(weddings, shifting and kids). Credit-cards, personal-loans ... and from mom/aunts. I was very embarrassed of my in-capabilities of getting out of debt ... and it was piling-up. I was drown. That was 8 years ago ... when I had my first boy.

Looking back, I have to thank to many good books. I wish to list them out here(may be later). I have diligently reading those financial-related books, rather than Math books!! I shifted to read Personal Money magz  rather than Roda-roda. You see ... that shift of MINDSET is the first step I took ... to get out of debt.

Make that crucial decision and work that way. That is the first STEP. If you are in debt(there are good and bad debt, actually) ... THINK of 2015 as the beginning of the year ... to START to get out of debt.

DO YOU WANT to get out of debt?

Do something about it. Change that MINDSET of yours. WORK ON THAT.

Step 2: Stop getting into additional debt.

As my friends in other similar jobs were buying brand new sports cars, I stuck to my used 2002 Honda and kept my expenses to a minimum.

The biggest challenge that people have is getting out of the vicious debt cycle that becomes harder and harder to escape. Sticking to this step is absolutely critical.

TEH : Yes ... this is VERY crucial ... be frugal ... check out expenses. Make sure we REDUCE our expenses ... and be VERY discipline. I could type these ... as I was in that position. Huge debt, paying minimal to the credit-card ... living in tight situation and have to consider every dollar I was using. But ... it pays off to be frugal.

Buying into those latest gadgets or dining in those so-called "IN" restaurants ... with debt piling up is simply financial suicidal. Slowly pay our debt and never add in new ones!! Easier said than done, of coz!!

Step 3: Define the situation.

You can’t fix what you don’t know, so I had to get very clear on all of my loan details, including all of the debt balances, lender information, interest rates, and the required monthly payment amounts and start dates.

The best ways to find all of this information are via your loan statements and also a credit report. When I ran my first credit report, I found two additional accounts that I thought were closed that were not, so it’s important to do on an annual basis. I put all of my loan information on a spreadsheet that I regularly updated, and that allowed me to get a clear picture of what I owed and how to attack it.

TEH : Correct ... I was so ignorant and knew nothing much about the interest rates etc etc. Credit-cards charging us the highest around(legal loan-shark) and that is why banks are willing to give us those plastic cards to spend, and hey, we are paying a small fraction only monthly, while we could continue to shop? Haha ... I was such a naïve lecturer-in-debt.

Today, I do still have my credit-cards .... but with zero balance, no penalty(last time, I don't have enough to pay on time and they charged u late payments!!) ... use it wisely to gain points, waiving the annual fees while could redeem some gifts/items! Use the credit-card to our advantage, and not to abuse it.

Step 4: Look at your debt-relief options.

I didn’t qualify for any debt-relief because I had a high salary, but I definitely looked into it. This simple step can save you thousands of dollars. The bad thing is that there are a lot of scams out there, so you have to tread lightly.

Debt-relief options include: loan forgiveness programs, consolidating all of your loans into something more manageable, debt settlement, or credit counseling (reducing the interest rates). It is absolutely worth making the calls to see what your options are, but be sure to consult a financial adviser before agreeing to anything.

TEH : Hmm ... re-finance my house loan was the only step I have taken in this step he listed. I think our gov came out with a body where they will help you to re-structure your debt. Do check them out as they could give good advices, hopefully.

Step 5: Pick your strategy.

There are two core debt repayment strategies.

Debt Snowball: Pay the minimums on all loans, but pay off as much as you can on the loan with the smallest balance. This works because you start to see progress as you reduce the number of loans you have, and we’re psychological creatures — we typically need to trick ourselves into success.

Debt Stacking: Pay the minimums on all loans, but pay off as much as you can on the highest interest rate loan. This is the method I used, because by paying off the highest interest rate first, you pay less interest. To me, if it makes dollars, it makes sense. If you have trouble staying disciplined, choose the Snowball method.

Otherwise, option B is your best bet.

TEH : I chose option B ... I slowly cleared my credit-card ... by taking personal loans!! Yes, I took 2-3 personal loans merely 4-5 years ago  ... to clear my credit-card debt as it is only logical things to do. Unless if you take the personal loans to buy some gadgets, items ... that is again, killing ourselves financially.

Discipline ... is in everything we do. We need to make sure our DECISION (step 1) and our goal of getting out of debt is our priority. Well, I have cleared my personal loans too ... 2-3 years ago. Today, I do still have loans ... where I took from Maybank to be transferred to ASB (I have explained this ... ASB dividend about 7%, loan is below 5%, logic?) and recently, due to market correcting sharply, I took a new personal loan (7% interest) to buy into BJToto at current level.

The point ... have a strategy ... be discipline, clear it off. One should not take personal loan for entering stock-market(tho I did in 2008) as we could lose both way!!

Step 6: Make more money!

This is the exciting step, but it also requires the most amount of work. I interviewed 75 wealthy entrepreneurs for my book "Make Money, Live Wealthy," and a surprising number of them found themselves in over $75,000 worth of debt at one point.

Each one of them has the same secret for overcoming massive debt in a short period of time: hard work. Whether it be working a lot more hours, getting a second job, or in my case learning how to invest, it is well worth the sacrifice to be able to be debt-free much earlier than you otherwise would.

As an engineer in the corporate world, I was fortunate enough to have a good salary. I also didn’t have a family to support, so that allowed me to keep more of what I earned and take on more risk.

From day one on the job, I started investing in my retirement fund, but then I also started investing in a taxable account more and more. I don’t condone this for most people, but once I started making a higher return in the stock market than I was paying on my 3-8% loans, I started paying the minimum payments each month while I watched my investments grow even faster. This is an ultra-risky method that can cause you a lot more harm than you’re in (see Step 2), but if someone were confident that they could get more than double the return (after taxes) of a debt, I wouldn’t be anyone to stop them. Again, if it makes dollars, it makes sense.

TEH : Needless to say, we need to increase out income. Do second job. Create plans and ideas ... and work on them. Afterall, you are in huge debt and nothing to lose?! Being a lecturer in Sabah, we are lowly paid ... so, I have to come back(sacrificing many things!) to have higher pay and opening more opportunities for me to increase my income! Sound logical again ... but, let me be frank ... it is ALL ABOUT HARDWORK.

If my mind was NOT opened(step 1) ... if I am not discipline enough and to work hard on my financial goal, I do not think so I could clear off my debt in such short period of time!! Plan ... 3-5 years ahead and work on that!

Yes, I have to admit that 2009-2011 was really good for my investment in stock-market and I will withdraw some profits end of year to clear my debt. Today, I have no debt to clear and I simply let my funds to grow and consistently pumping in the funds in monthly basis. The cash will come in handy when market collapsing(not now ... now is only correction). So, keep cash ... be ready for opportunities. Invest in ourselves ... and work hard.

Step 7: Delete debt.

Finally, after nearly three years of receiving bill after bill, I got sick of having the cloud of debt over my head. I still felt strapped and every time I saw an email from Sallie Mae, I remembered that sickening feeling I got from opening the envelope back in college. So, at the age of 24 with a $35,000 balance remaining, I pulled my money out of the stock market and paid the rest of my student loans off in full ...

And immediately started to tear up.

Every single day to that point I worried about money. However, as I pressed "submit" on that last payment, a rush went through my body that I’ll never forget. For the first time in my adult life, I felt completely free. They say that paying off debt is a "weight off your shoulders," and I can tell you that in fact it is.

TEH : Yes ... I have finally deleted my debt from my system in 2012 .. in total. I do still have car-loan, house-loan, personal-loan ... but those are manageable. We will never pay cash to buy a car, even if we have the cash(unless too much cash, that is different la)

That relief feeling ... so, now is the level to maintain debt-free ... and making sure income is much more than expenses.

As I will be shifting to a better place to stay, I will have to make sure the expenses maintain at low. In fact, I will like to see more cut in dining expenses!! Less items too.

Income - Saving = Expenses.

Step 8: Celebrate.

Paying off debt is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Millions upon millions of people are burdened by debt, and it’s definitely a challenge to get ahead if it is constantly holding you back. By escaping the debt trap, you can start to really have compound interest work in your favor, and that is when you can really build wealth. As a result, I believe it should be financial priority No. 1 on your way to financial freedom.

TEH : Yes ... I do celebrate ... buying myself gifts for working hard diligently and very discipline, focus in my goals. I bought myself speakers!! Yes ... I love music/songs ... so, each year ... I m getting myself a birthday-gift, and it will be speakers/headphone/earphone.

One day ... I know I could afford a room ... to listen to my music ... in my leisure time. That is the goal!!

Till then ... I have to still working hard. No more debt ... till I clear off ALL my cars/house loans ... then, I will be financially free?

This is my current wall-paper for my new notebook. I have escaped E ... now still in S, moving to B and having I.

Note : Stock-market is the vehicle I am using ... to achieve my financial freedom. In July, I quitted my full-time job. Next year, 2015 .... I will be more focus in my trading, and believe I will do very well here. Wish me luck.

Plan ... plan ... plan ... and work your plan. Be determined to get out of debt. Stay frugal ... and do not give in to others who do not understand our plans. Only WE could determine our financial health.

Good luck.